Not Okay

Seriously something is wrong. I don’t know why, but it has been happening all week! I can’t seem to find anything to wear! It is seriously awful. I am going crazy. It’s not like I don’t have clothes, anyone knows I have PLENTY, I just have no inspiration this week. All of my outfits have been so basic and not creative at all. I even went to three different stores to try to find a dress for a party my sister is throwing next week and I found nothing! One of those stores was a pretty big Forever 21 and only one thing slightly caught my eye and I still decided no. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME 😭? 

I am going to blame the weather. We are getting to that stage where it’s finally starting to cool down, and by cool I mean low 80’s so it is still not cold enough to wear sweaters. I think I am so over my summer clothes but am unable to wear any fall/winter clothes. Can’t it just be cold so I can get out of this funk?! I need some inspiration stat. 

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Tragic Confesseion #4 – Sex and the City Addict

I have a serious addiction to Sex and the City. When I say serious I don’t just mean I love it, I mean I LOVE IT! I have watched the movie I don’t know how many times. I am watching it right now because it is on tv, which shouldn’t matter because I own the movie, but still I’m making us watch it. I blame my bfffff and my roomie for getting me into this. I just feel so fabulous when I watch and it makes me want to strive to be fabulous everyday. Not only do I love it because it is so into style and fashion, but I also love the friendship dynamic the four girls have AND I love how Carrie Bradshaw is a writer. I just want to be her. Can I please just move to Manhattan, dress expensive, and be a writer please? Thank you! The other reason I love watching the movie over and over again is since I know it by heart I can multitask while watching it, like writing this blog. It is good background for me, and good motivation to write so I can feel like Carrie Bradshaw. I know, I’m lame, but that’s okay! 


Tragic Confession #3 – Potter Enthusiast 

In the spirit of Halloween, I suppose it’s a good time to confess that I am a total Harry Potter nerd, like completely. I’ve read all the books, a few of them twice, and seen all of the movies countless times. I know almost all the lines, all of the characters, and everything. I told you, I am a nerd. I have reasons though. Obviously the entire series has an awesome storyline, but it is just the whole series as an art form that amazes me. J.K. Rowling is an artist and what she created truly is a masterpiece. She created an entire new world. Yes many authors do this with their stories, they draw you in and for a little time period you leave your troubles behind and fall into the words, but Rowling did this and kept it up for the entire seven book series, each book growing larger than the previous until the last few. I remember reading them when I was younger and feeling so proud of myself for finishing these large books, but in reality it was more like watching a movie in your head, that is how vivid Rowling wrote this story. This world she created had its own language, locations, its own schooling system, laws, law enforcement, everything. She stayed so consistent that after reading the books and the entire series you were pretty much fluent in this world as if it could be a real place. I admire her imagination and wish that I could think of something this detailed and to keep it going for so long. I would love to sit and pick Rowling’s brain to see how she wrote, did she plan, brainstorm, or just sit and write? Did she know how the story would end in the beginning or did she make it and change it as she went along? Again it just amazes me.

So yes, I am a serious Harry Potter nerd, a Potter Enthusiast if I had to label myself, and that’s okay with me! 

Let’s Talk Socks – #5

This is the last style for my series Let’s Talk Socks! I have had so much fun styling these for you so I really want to thank Chrissy’s Knee High Socks for this opportunity. I cannot wait for all the other ways I can style these knee and thigh highs throughout the fall and winter. Until then, check out this last pair…

Casual Friday

These “Vegas Gold” socks are probably the most versatile pair that I got just because of the basic, neutral color. They can match with almost anything, not to mention, they are so soft and comfy! Since they are basic I chose a basic, casual style. I paired these knee highs with my brown Steve Madden combat boots and black leggings. The key to these socks was the scrunching them down towards my boots, not only because it is a cute way to wear them, but also because of the length and the height of the boots. The difference these socks make in this outfit is amazing. Without them this outfit would be okay, just normal, but add the socks and it is totally stylish. It looks like so much more effort was put in when really all you did was put on knee high socks. Anyways, for a top I chose a white and burgundy striped, loose long sleeve from Old Navy. To add just a little something extra I added a two toned blue and gold statement necklace that absolutely didn’t match, yet it worked! Weird how that happens huh? Being Friday I thought a casual Friday outfit would be perfect. Check it out…


You can shop these socks here!

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Thank you so much for following my mini series Let’s Talk Socks! I hope you enjoyed it!

Let’s Talk Socks – #4

I am down to my second to last style of Let’s Talk Socks! Again I have teamed up with Chrissy’s Knee High Socks to bring you a week of styling knee and thigh high socks. You can catch up on the first three styles HERE, HERE, and HERE! Now for today’s…

What Does the Sox Say?!

These. Socks. Are. ADORABLE! These have to be the most perfect and fun Fall socks. I kept the outfit fairly simple because I didn’t want to take away from the socks too much. I paired these cuties with my cognac Madden Girl boots, a simple synched waist black dress, a tan leather belt, and topped it off with my camouflage utility jacket from Forever 21 with the sleeves cuffed, and a simple long black and gold necklace from Charming Charlie. I am like a hunter and a fox in the same outfit! PS- I know it is hard to see but I think I actually achieved a Serena Van der Woodsen ponytail! GO ME! Anywise check out the look…


You can shop these socks here!

Tomorrow is the last style for Let’s Talk Socks so be sure to come back!

Let’s Talk Socks – #3

If you haven’t been following this week, I have teamed up with Chrissy’s Knee High Socks to bring you a week of styling knee and thigh high socks! (If you want to catch up then read: Let’s Talk Socks – #1 and Let’s Talk Socks – #2) The last two posts were featuring thigh highs so today I am changing it up and debuting some knee socks…

Plaid and Polka Dots

I know plaid and polka dots may sound like a weird combination, but don’t knock it before you see it! If you’re daring enough, try pattern mixing, it is actually fun and you can make some cute outfits. I know my sisters would be so proud of me because I am usually always the matching one. These still kind of match though with the colors. Anyways this is a perfect winter outfit for really any occasion: going out, at work, in class, or even doing nothing but you still want to look cute. You know, like when you need to run to Target and you still want to look cute but not like you’re trying to look cute for Target. It is an effortlessly cute outfit. Not to mention it is pretty warm and cozy. I rocked these socks slightly scrunched down with black Steve Madden combat boots, thick warm black leggings (these can be substituted with any tight black bottoms), a navy, white, and red flannel from Target, a button up, navy cardigan from G Stage (the sleeves of the flannel HAVE to come out of the bottom of the sleeves of the cardigan and cuffed over to make this outfit work otherwise it is kind of dark, it just adds a little extra), and a navy and gold statement necklace from Charming Charlie. The whole outfit blended really well. Take a look…

You can shop these polka dot socks here!

There are two more days left in Let’s Talk Socks so keep following!

Let’s Talk Socks – #2

Today is the second day of my week of socks- Let’s Talk Socks! I’ve teamed up with Chrissy’s Knee High Socks to style five different pairs of knee and thigh highs. Today I am featuring… 

Sweater Thigh Highs

These graphite gray thigh highs are amazing!  They are like sweaters for you feet and legs. I was really excited for this outfit. It is color blocked with neutrals that mix so well together. I paired these socks with my low heeled boots from Target, my green Maison Jules skirt (with pockets!), basic gray high neck tank from Old Navy, a wonderfully warm long open knit cardigan from Maison Jules, and one of my favorite edgy sparkly statement necklaces from Charming Charlie. I absolutely love this outfit. It’s perfect for pretty much ANY occasion. Yes call me lame but I am planning on wearing this to a pumpkin patch. That will make for such cute pictures! Anyways, check it out…

You can shop these socks here!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured pair!