Let’s Talk Socks – #5

This is the last style for my series Let’s Talk Socks! I have had so much fun styling these for you so I really want to thank Chrissy’s Knee High Socks for this opportunity. I cannot wait for all the other ways I can style these knee and thigh highs throughout the fall and winter. Until then, check out this last pair…

Casual Friday

These “Vegas Gold” socks are probably the most versatile pair that I got just because of the basic, neutral color. They can match with almost anything, not to mention, they are so soft and comfy! Since they are basic I chose a basic, casual style. I paired these knee highs with my brown Steve Madden combat boots and black leggings. The key to these socks was the scrunching them down towards my boots, not only because it is a cute way to wear them, but also because of the length and the height of the boots. The difference these socks make in this outfit is amazing. Without them this outfit would be okay, just normal, but add the socks and it is totally stylish. It looks like so much more effort was put in when really all you did was put on knee high socks. Anyways, for a top I chose a white and burgundy striped, loose long sleeve from Old Navy. To add just a little something extra I added a two toned blue and gold statement necklace that absolutely didn’t match, yet it worked! Weird how that happens huh? Being Friday I thought a casual Friday outfit would be perfect. Check it out…


You can shop these socks here!

You can also see all the styles from the week HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Thank you so much for following my mini series Let’s Talk Socks! I hope you enjoyed it!


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