Hello! Brittany here! Okay, so I know changes have been happening on my blog and from reading below the name change might seem weird, but it is what I feel is right. At first I was working on being okay with writing about anything under the name Tragic Girls, but after thinking it over, I decided a new name was a great new start to be completely open. I felt restricted to only write about tragic things that happen to me when my passion is style and writing in general. The.B.Law gives me the platform to do that. I am so excited for this new start and to keep writing! As things change I want to keep this about page updated and keep it as a running tab/timeline of what is happening so everyone can see how the blog has evolved. Check out below to see how it all began!


I often try to keep my “About” updated as things in my life and blog keep changing. As a new introduction to my blog I am going to use one of my recent posts where I finally figured out my blog’s true meaning. I’ll keep the older “About” below so you can see how it started…

Fitting the Mold

There are so many expectations for women today. Everywhere we look we are being told how to look and how to act. If you don’t follow these not so subtle guidelines, then you are cast out as odd or weird. I know, I get stuck in them too. I love fashion and dressing up, but sometimes it can be exhausting. Sometimes you just want to wear sweats, a baggy tee, no bra, and a messy bun and not be judged. But no, for work today I wore a super cute outfit that left an imprint around my waist and a blister on my heel. Now as I sit here writing this, in baggy shorts, a baggy tee, no bra, and my hair in a knot, I feel so comfortable and relaxed. Why is it that we have to feel less comfortable in order to be comfortable with ourselves and others? It is just a question. I will in no way be sporting this pj look to work tomorrow, I will get dressed up per my usual self. It is just interesting to think about.

I have been thinking about how we think we have to fit into this mold. It made me start thinking about my blog, and I think I am realizing what it is becoming. I have been conflicted when it comes to the main idea of my blog. The name itself is Tragic Girls. I started with tragic stories of my roomie and I. Then I decided to incorporate my love of fashion and doing style posts. I thought though that I couldn’t do both because they were so different. Then I decided it was my blog and I can do whatever I want. Well now I know. I have realized what the meaning of this blog is. I know we all try to be perfect and fit the mold of beautiful, put together, social, and smart women. I am 100% guilty of this. This blog though shows that no matter how put together I make myself seem, and to an extent have achieved, I am tragic. I trip in heels (a lot), get hungover after two drinks even when I don’t get drunk, spend money I don’t have on clothes, burn half the stuff I cook, and have seriously bad luck sometimes. This blog is where I come to be myself. Trying to fit the mold is something inevitable. The majority of us are going to try to keep up, but along the way, don’t forget yourself. Admit your flaws and laugh about them. See beauty and humor in the imperfect. If you don’t do this, you’re in for a lot of let down because none of us are perfect, no matter how close to perfect we make it appear on social media. Pictures capture a single moment in a day where life can be a roller coaster. We get to choose the moment we want to share with all of our followers in hopes of having perfect appearances. Share your tragic moments. You’ll be surprised to find at least one other person who has experienced the same thing.

We are all here trying to fit the mold like this…


But really we are looking more like this…


And thinking it is a good fit like this…

drizella 2

(Disney’s Cinderella) 

Do not be afraid to be a tragic girl. I admit it all here on my blog and people I know still see me as classy and sophisticated. I just remind people that I am a real person.

XOXO- Tragic Girls      #betragic



Hi there! My name is Brittany and this blog started off as my adventures moving out on my own with my Roomie. As you can see by the title we are Tragic Girls. You should have seen when we first moved in we were learning how to budget, how to kill our own spiders, and what to do when our tires go flat when we don’t have our dads around. We have learned a lot and have slowly become less tragic, key word less, but still are. We have lived on our own for 10 months now and are basically pros.

So much has happened between then and now with boys, new jobs and promotions, and best friends getting married. Just like ourselves changing, this blog has evolved as well. I graduated from the University of La Verne with a BA in English so I just like to write in general. This means I don’t want to always have to write about the same things. When I first started this blog I thought I had to stick to all things tragic because of the title I chose. Since then however, I have realized that this is my blog and I get to go by my own rules. If I like to write then I am going to write about whatever I want and whatever I am passionate about. One of my biggest passions is fashion, sorry for the cliched rhyme there, but I worked in retail for almost 8 years and really found my calling in fashion and style. Why can’t I write about that too? Well I can and I will.

My goal and dream that I will achieve is to not only become a well known blogger, but to become a published author. I already have a few ideas and a couple works in progress. Updates to come soon.

Well that is an update of my life and my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back!

xoxo Brittany

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