Tragic Award

A New Level of Tragic

I made a dead animal deader! You wouldn’t think it was possible but I did it! I was driving home tonight and the car in front of me instead of swerving around the animal like a normal person, they went over it so it went through the middle of their tires, leaving me no time to swerve, so I hit it! I am a horrible person! I keep referring to the animal as “it” because I don’t even want to admit what it was, either a dog or a coyote, I’ve convinced myself that it was a coyote, which is still awful. I was so scared to get home and look at the front of my car. What if I had a crime scene up there?! Oh my gosh! Luckily there was nothing, but still, I HIT AN ANIMAL. The poor guy couldn’t be dead in peace, noo it had to be hit again for good measure.

I win the tragic award this time.

This is what my sister had to say, and yes I call her Noodle…

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Tragic Award- Hot Grandma

I went into the gas station this morning to get a coffee, or really my usual concoction consisting of about two shots of coffee, a 3 second push of hot cocoa, the then rest filled with vanilla cappuccino (it’s quite delightful), and in the gas station I saw a sight. Such a sight that I must share. Picture this… An old woman, like old, with bleach blond and/or white frizzy hair. She was wearing black sheer tights with usual grandma sandals. BUT she was sporting a tight black mini skirt with a pink tank. In this tank were two HUGE boobs that literally hung to her elbows. On top of all this was big, chunky, turquoise jewelry all around her neck and wrists. I just couldn’t understand and not to mention couldn’t stop staring. She wins the tragic award of the day!