Tragic Award

A New Level of Tragic

I made a dead animal deader! You wouldn’t think it was possible but I did it! I was driving home tonight and the car in front of me instead of swerving around the animal like a normal person, they went over it so it went through the middle of their tires, leaving me no time to swerve, so I hit it! I am a horrible person! I keep referring to the animal as “it” because I don’t even want to admit what it was, either a dog or a coyote, I’ve convinced myself that it was a coyote, which is still awful. I was so scared to get home and look at the front of my car. What if I had a crime scene up there?! Oh my gosh! Luckily there was nothing, but still, I HIT AN ANIMAL. The poor guy couldn’t be dead in peace, noo it had to be hit again for good measure.

I win the tragic award this time.

This is what my sister had to say, and yes I call her Noodle…


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