Simplicitly Yours

I generally use big purses, not only because I like them but because I always have so much stuff. It can be so heavy though! I usually do not change to a small purse unless it is for an event, but I am trying to use them more because really, why do I need so much stuff all the time?! I don’t. So please feast your eyes on this beauty!


I got it from Simplicitily Yours. They are fairly new, my friend Heather actually introduced them to me. Picking this cute little purse was pretty hard because they have so many cute ones. I chose this pink one with the flower details because I love letting a purse be the pop of color on a simple outfit. If I add this accessory like I did here on a simple black and gray outfit, it will not only stand out, but will dress the outfit up as well.  If you want to try new things but are unsure, I think it is easiest to have a fun purse because it is part of your outfit but not so in your face.

The purse is linked here, it also comes in black and white. Check out Simplicitly Yours for all of their cute accessories and use my code BRITTANY20 for 20% off your order!


Proud and Pretty in Pink – Empower Me!

So this post is a little late, but I wanted to write about the Proud and Pretty in Pink’s Empower Me! event I attended a couple weeks ago. If you do not remember, read this post Proud and Pretty in Pink, PPP is the organization I blog for. The women who started this organization are truly amazing. This event hosted a panel of five women who shared about their experiences growing up and what contributed to their self esteem, and where they are now. It was awesome because no matter who you were, you could have related to at least one of their stories. The variety was just so great. One of the girl’s stories even made me realize that I need to look at my similar circumstances in a different light. It was a very eye opening experience that maybe I will get to write about one day, but not yet. I am hoping through blogging for PPP I can open up more about my stories and help another just by even relating to them.

What PPP does is really great and I encourage you to take a look at their site They try to have events quarterly so I am really looking forward to the next. 

These lovely ladies are the founders of PPP!

Fall Jacket

I bought this jacket probably over a month ago but have only had like one chance to wear it. Thanks southern California fall. I just want it to be cool enough to layer, is that so much to ask? No!

I love this jacket because it can easily go with work outfits in place of a blazer, AND it can be paired with jeans for a casual look. I was hesitant about it at first. I found it at Target and did my usual walk by a few times before finally trying it on, I was intrigued but not certain. It has so much pattern for a jacket. So I did my normal test and left it, thought about it all night and went back to buy it the next day. I love it and it is from my favorite brand at Target: Who What Wear.

Below I style it for work with a simple off white top, black slacks and my black Steve Madden mules. It is basically my casual outfit with the pants subbed out. I envision lighter, non-fitted, ankle length jeans instead of the slacks (they are currently on my Nordstrom wish list), can you see it? I will try that next. Until then check out below!

Find the jacket and the shoes here: Jacket | Shoes


Dainty Accessories from Civion

As much as I love accessories, I always end up just wearing necklaces if I even remember to. Bracelets are hard for me to wear because they never fit and it bothers me when they dangle down around my hand, especially when I am typing at work. Recently I have been trying out more dainty pieces, like these two that I got from Civion, and this super cute infinity ring. I love these kinds of cuffs because you can adjust them and make them tighter if need be. These thin styles are great because you can wear them with almost anything whether it be casual or dressy. Throwing them on just adds a little extra to your look. Check them out and use my code BRIT25 for 25% off your order!




Midi Skirt!

I’ve worn a variation of this outfit once before, but it was geared more for summer. With fall literally around the corner, as in tomorrow (I cannot even contain my excitement) I paired this beautiful skirt with a long sleeve chambray top instead of the sleeveless. I just love it and apparently everyone else did too because I got a lot of compliments. These skirts are so easy yet look so dressed up (I say “these” because yes I have a second one). I found them on BooHoo and they have a lot of different styles, plus it was really inexpensive. I love simple outfits that look really put together. The other good thing about this skirt is all the options you can wear with it because it has so many colors in the print. Perfect for all seasons!

Find the skirt here!

Get ready for fall tomorrow!

Bold in Color

At my work I am kind of known for my colorful wardrobe. My two coworkers pretty much only wear black. They occasionally throw in white, gray, and navy, but for the most part they stay with cold colors. I constantly try to convince them otherwise but they end up telling me that I can pull it off and they can’t. So I always ask them, “well have you ever tried?”

I was reading this month’s issue of Redbook magazine and they have a short list of “5 Ways to be Fearless in Color” (pg. 55). There are some great tips here like the first one “Play it (deceptively) safe”. In this first tip they advise that if you are just getting into vibrate colors start with you favorite shape of clothing. Many women like to wear black because it is “slimming”. Wearing colors makes them fear they will look bigger. If you wear something colorful in a style you know fits well and looks great on you, I completely agree that you will be more comfortable.

The second point was one I never really thought about, “Have flawless protection”. Reading the subtitle of this point I wasn’t quite sure where they were going with it. Turns out we need to keep our moisturizer and deodorant more in mind. I’ve never really liked white deodorants because you can usually see it on you AND it gets on your clothes. For this reason I use the Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant in lavender. I know there should be more reasons why I use this deodorant like the fact that it is natural and aluminum free and all that, but if I am being honest I started using it just for the fact that it was clear and smells amazing. Anyways, I never thought about how what is in our lotion and deodorant can be staining our clothes, especially colors. Something to think about!

Third, “Add a mighty little pop”… of makeup! This is a fun way to add some color to your look. I do love this idea, but I am not always brave enough to try it. I think the simplest way to try this out is with eyeliner. Redbook suggests a turquoise liner or a lavender shadow. I am all for the lavender shadow but I will have to build up to the turquoise liner, maybe start off with a darker blue. I do have a plum liner that I never use even though it is so pretty. Maybe I will be brave a day this week and give it a go, stay tuned for that.

This next point is a definite yes, “Give your clothes TLC” with washing. It does not look good when you go to wear a vibrant color and it is faded from washing it. You end up not giving off the look you were trying to. I do exactly as Redbook suggests, “turn new pieces inside out and use a cold-water cycle.” The cold water really makes a difference. The end of that sentence though I do not do, use “a detergent that’s formulated for colors,” I generally just buy the generic brand which probably isn’t the best for my clothes.

Lastly, “Forget the rules”. Wear what you want and like! As I mentioned earlier and Redbook also mentions in this point, don’t worry about colors making you look bigger because it isn’t true. They also mentioned a point I always struggle with, that redheads can’t wear pink! I worry about that but pink is my favorite color so I wear it anyways. Just be confident in what you wear and try new things. Style can and should be really fun!



30 Day Challenge Wrap Up

Well it is September, which means that Heather and I made it through our 30 Day Challenge where we couldn’t buy anything new and had to wear a different outfit every day with no repeats! To be honest it was a little more difficult than I thought, especially towards the end. Wearing a different outfit everyday would be no problem if we had no clothing restrictions however, we have a work dress codes we need to follow which takes out a good chunk of our wardrobes. As long as we planned ahead we were okay. I am happy we did this challenge because it showed me things in my closet I can get rid of. There were still items I didn’t touch even though I had to figure out new outfits with the clothes I already had. Cleaning out my closet should be a little easier now, and quicker!

Now that it is over you can bet your bottom dollar that I bought something already! Just one thing though and I can’t wait for them to come in. When I say them of course I mean shoes, they were on sale I couldn’t resist! I will wait to tell you what they are until I can show you, but I will give you a hit, they may or may not be a new pair of mules… =D.

Anyways below are our outfits on the 30 days. As you will notice there is a day (or two missing) but on our honor we did not repeat an outfit! I was at the lake and was just in a bathing suit and Heather was in workout clothes moving, not picture worthy. Enjoy and try out the challenge!