Hello Novel, Long Time

So today I opened my novel for the first time since November. After National Novel Writing Month ended I meant to just take a break, but then the holidays happened and I stopped writing. That is going to change now. Working on it today got me motivated to work on it all over again. My go to background for writing is Sex and the City so I started the entire show over again from season one and worked on my novel for four episodes. I think I like to write to it not just because it’s my favorite show, but because I want to be Carrie Bradshaw. So here is to writing again!

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Tragic Confessions

Tragic Confesseion #4 – Sex and the City Addict

I have a serious addiction to Sex and the City. When I say serious I don’t just mean I love it, I mean I LOVE IT! I have watched the movie I don’t know how many times. I am watching it right now because it is on tv, which shouldn’t matter because I own the movie, but still I’m making us watch it. I blame my bfffff and my roomie for getting me into this. I just feel so fabulous when I watch and it makes me want to strive to be fabulous everyday. Not only do I love it because it is so into style and fashion, but I also love the friendship dynamic the four girls have AND I love how Carrie Bradshaw is a writer. I just want to be her. Can I please just move to Manhattan, dress expensive, and be a writer please? Thank you! The other reason I love watching the movie over and over again is since I know it by heart I can multitask while watching it, like writing this blog. It is good background for me, and good motivation to write so I can feel like Carrie Bradshaw. I know, I’m lame, but that’s okay!