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First Day Look

Today was my first day at my new job! I am now a Branch Facilities Coordinator at New American Funding. I was so excited/nervous this morning! Orientation was really cool though and actually fun. It also helps that one of my best friends works there too, in another department but we still get to have lunch together.

So the dress code here is business casual with casual Fridays. For the first day I wanted to wear something that was not too dressy, but not too casual either. I wanted to gauge  how everyone else dressed in the office. It turned out my outfit was perfect, just enough dressed up. I chose my ankle slacks from Target (my favorite work pants), and my new loose white and black polkadot ruffle-hem top from Maison Jules at Macy’s. To go over my top I picked my new mustard cardigan from Target, I LOVE pairing mustard over black and white. For shoes I knew I wanted to wear flats, and although it may sound weird to some I went with the leopard pointed toe flats from Target. I know polkadots and leopard print doesn’t sound like it goes together but it worked really well! The leopard print went with the color scheme of black and mustard.


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Let’s Talk Socks – #3

If you haven’t been following this week, I have teamed up with Chrissy’s Knee High Socks to bring you a week of styling knee and thigh high socks! (If you want to catch up then read: Let’s Talk Socks – #1 and Let’s Talk Socks – #2) The last two posts were featuring thigh highs so today I am changing it up and debuting some knee socks…

Plaid and Polka Dots

I know plaid and polka dots may sound like a weird combination, but don’t knock it before you see it! If you’re daring enough, try pattern mixing, it is actually fun and you can make some cute outfits. I know my sisters would be so proud of me because I am usually always the matching one. These still kind of match though with the colors. Anyways this is a perfect winter outfit for really any occasion: going out, at work, in class, or even doing nothing but you still want to look cute. You know, like when you need to run to Target and you still want to look cute but not like you’re trying to look cute for Target. It is an effortlessly cute outfit. Not to mention it is pretty warm and cozy. I rocked these socks slightly scrunched down with black Steve Madden combat boots, thick warm black leggings (these can be substituted with any tight black bottoms), a navy, white, and red flannel from Target, a button up, navy cardigan from G Stage (the sleeves of the flannel HAVE to come out of the bottom of the sleeves of the cardigan and cuffed over to make this outfit work otherwise it is kind of dark, it just adds a little extra), and a navy and gold statement necklace from Charming Charlie. The whole outfit blended really well. Take a look…

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•Polka • Dots•

I was pretty excited to wear today’s outfit. I found another sale while I was at Macy’s to only pay my bill, and you guessed it, another Maison Jules find. There were items already on sale and then they were having their VIP sale as well, SO this completely adorable white top with navy and pink polka dots was originally $59.90, was on sale for 25% off then I got 20% off for the VIP sale and it came out to $35.94! I wanted it because not only does it go great with my navy skirt I posted about awhile go from Maison Jules, but it will also look cute with jeans and with a blazer when it starts to get cold. It is also totally work appropriate. 

Like I said I paired my top with my navy pencil-ish skirt and topped it off with a small navy statement necklace. The necklace was kind of super matchy but it worked. I wasn’t totally sure on what shoes to wear so I added a brown leather belt so that I could wear my brown leather sandal wedges from Madden Girl. This way the outfit was dressy but not super dressy. After all no one really dresses up at work except for myself and the boss lady, so when I wear something pretty nice people ask me why, I mean it is a construction company. “Why are you dressed up?” “Uh, for work?” I don’t need a reason, I just like to look nice. Remember? You look good, you feel good. Anyways check it out! And stay tuned for the other item I got on sale along with this top! (Hopefully tomorrow it will debut!)