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Introducing the.B.Law Style Panel: Heather!

As I said in my last post, this week and next I will be introducing my new style panel! I am so excited, I have 6 awesome girls and they all have great things to contribute. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Heather!

Heather and I met in college (in some weird cosmic way- story for another time) and then she joined my sorority Sigma Kappa. We continued to grow closer and closer. After graduation she got me a job as an assistant manager with her at Abercrombie and Fitch, AND THEN we were roommates! You all have probably seen her before from when the blog first started. For those of you who haven’t been with me since the beginning, the.B.Law wasn’t always the.B.Law. When I started the blog, 3 years ago next month, it was called Tragic Girls. Tragic Girls was about all of mine and Heather’s tragicness when we lived together. It was the first time we had both lived on our own, and although we were already very independent, we still had a lot to learn. If you are interested, check out these first few tragic posts here, here, herehere, and here! Since then, the blog has evolved and so has mine and Heather’s friendship. We do not live together anymore, but she is still one of my best friends and we talk every day. She is also one I run all of my fashion decisions by.

Heather and I both have tons of retail experience. I worked in retail for just shy of 8 years. Heather I believe is somewhere between 8-9 years? Is that right Heather? Correct me if I am wrong. All of those years are where we got all of our style influence, and turns out, we are pretty good. Heather is my general style and fashion forward panelist. She has great style for every occasion and is never afraid to try the new trends. Whenever I am unsure about trying something new, I am sending a picture of it over to Heather asking her opinion. She is just so great! Below are some fun facts, stay tuned for more and expect some great things from her!

  • Describe your personal style in 3-5 words: Basic, boho, chic
  • Your go to outfit/piece of clothing: High rise denim with a tank body suit, a chunky sweater, and booties
  • Favorite place to shop: Target and H&M
  • Favorite shoe brand: Steve Madden
  • Favorite current trend: Body suits
  • Style preference: Casual
  • Where do you get most of your style inspiration: Bloggers on Instagram and fashion magazines
  • One piece of makeup you cannot live without: Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
  • Connect:
    • Instagram – @heathersheridan
    • Facebook – Heather Sheridan

Everyone say hi to Heather!



Life Update!

Hey there! Long time no talk, it has literally been a little over a month since I have blogged. Slack attack I know! Life got crazy so I decided to just blog after it all settled down, I already had too much stress! So this is just a quick update on life. My last post Last HB Hoorah talked about my move from Huntington Beach. For the last month and a half I was living with my older sister, brother-in-law, and 3 1/2 year old niece. My niece and I were bedmates since she has a queen size bed (not purposefully, there was just an extra bed with our whole family). I slept with her and all of my clothes were in three boxes and hanging in the spare closet. I tried to keep my stuff as condensed as possible so I literally lived out of boxes for a month and a half.  The bed situation sounds pretty nice, a queen size bed with a 3 1/2 year old, I should have all of the room that I want. WRONG! That girl owns that bed! I had no idea how much children move in the middle of the night, she put her feet on my face, turned completely horizontal, had her head against the back of my knees (that was a weird one), and must have been dreaming she was a whale because she emerged up and out of the covers and onto my face, all of this while sound asleep. I didn’t sleep straight through the night most nights, BUT I was so thankful that I was able to stay there with them, despite my sleep deprivation, I already miss them.

Finally the time had come last week to go to Georgia to see my boyfriend’s Army graduation at Ft. Banning. I was so excited to see him since it had been 3 1/2 months since I saw him last. The graduation was fun, it was cool being in another state even if it was just for a couple days. The thing that amazed us the most was all of the trees! My boyfriend, his mom, sister, nephew, and I, all flew home last Friday and I finally had him back. Then last Sunday we signed the lease on our new apartment and moved in immediately after AND he went back to work this past Tuesday (we don’t mess around here!). So finally almost all of our boxes are unpacked. Unpacking is almost as bad as packing, especially when you move into an apartment that has HALF of the storage space you used to have. I might have to get rid of some more clothes! ;( But thats not official yet haha.

Now that we are settled I am getting back into writing so please expect some more blogs! Thanks for sticking around!

Tragic Shorts

A Tragic Short- Near Death by Floss

My roomie and I have a dentist phobia. We both didn’t go for a shameful amount of time that I will not share. We only told each other because it was the same for both of us. Anyways we both finally went. Her visit was far more traumatizing than mine because she had to get a root canal, while I only had two beginnings of cavities. The dentist didn’t have to numb me to fill them. Since then we have both been trying to do the whole dentist routine like flossing. We started, then stopped of course. Tonight though I’d thought I’d floss because I haven’t in awhile. This was literally just five minutes ago and it was a tragic experience. I started flossing and I got to my third spot, my front two teeth. The floss went up with a struggle, but wouldn’t come back down. When I tried to pull it down my gums just started gushing blood. I started panicking. All these thoughts came rushing in my head that I was going to break my teeth or they were going to fall out! This tiny string of fibers was going to break my teeth! OH MY GOD! My roomie saw the look of panic on my face and asked if I was okay. The only way to get the floss out was to pull the whole strand through my teeth. I threw it away and didn’t even finish flossing, I was too scared. I told my roomie I was about to have her cut it out of my teeth. She told me she would do it because she is good in emergencies.

That’s love right there, a roomie that will cut floss out of your teeth when it gets stuck. Love you!

Tragic Shorts

A Tragic Short- Stalker Fail

The guy my roomie was dating broke it off with her about two months ago for idiotic reasons. Whatever, he doesn’t deserve my amazing roommate, but she was sad about it and occasionally still is. She should not waste sadness on a douche-wad like him. Anyways, recently she was stalking him, like she shouldn’t have been, on Instagram. I wasn’t home, which is probably why she did it, because I would have told her not to. As punishment for her sneakily stalking him, she dropped her phone. This wasn’t any drop though. You see, she was lying down while she was stalking him, on her back. So where would she have dropped her phone? She dropped it on her face, resulting in her liking one of his pictures, WITH HER FACE. When she told me I laughed so hard! That would happen to her. I told her that’s what she gets for stalking.
As karma goes, two weeks ago my roomies ex from almost a year ago liked one of her pictures from 42 weeks ago. He was clearly stalking. Who just scrolls down the news feed back 42 weeks? The moral of the story here, don’t stalk on your phone while lying on your back.

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Baptizing of the Dress

My roomie and I have a box that has been sitting in our “dining room” since we moved in in May. I say “dining room” with quotes because we have lived here since May and still have no table to dine at. Anyways this box is full of our clothes that we want to donate. We say every weekend that we will take it but it still hasn’t happened. That is okay though because we keep adding to it and cleaning out our closets.

While thinking about my closet I decided that I was going to add a certain dress to that box. I only wore it once, in Vegas, with my ex. Since then it has been hiding in the back of my closet trying to avoid me getting rid of it like everything else that is associated to him. Tonight I grabbed it and told my roomie that it was going in the box. Looking at it I forgot how cute it really was. She agreed and said that she really liked it. Then I realized that I have absolutely no pictures in this dress. It’s practically a virgin! We decided that since there are no pictures and no proof that I ever wore it that I can wear it again and make new associations with it. But first I told her that it needed to be baptized!


My roomie runs to her bathroom sink and starts splashing water on my dress saying over and over again “I baptize you!” Then we cheered! My dress is all good as new and now hanging in the front of my closet. You know you have a good roomie when she is willing to baptize the ex out of your Vegas dress. Thank you roomie! I love you!