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Dear Heather (aka Roomie),

I cannot believe that it has been a year since we started off on this adventure together. Remember when this was all just talk a couple of years ago? You and I talking all the time on the sales floor about all the ways we were going to decorate when we finally got a place. Then looking for a place, how hard was that? I would have never thought we would have had to look at so many apartments before we found ours. Then we found the one. We moved in and both realized that we had way too much stuff, and remember all those decorating plans? How well did those go? Decorating is expensive and so is everything else. We learned though didn’t we? Now we can budget, check the air in our own tires, and cook… kind of.

But this letter isn’t to tell you all of the things that you already know that we have gone through together. This letter is for you. The moment I saw the #girlstrong shirts I knew what I wanted to do. We are supposed to write about who makes us strong and I wanted to write about you. Heather you’re one of the people who makes me strong. You understand me so well, mostly because of the fact that we have had some very similar experiences. So similar it is almost unbelievable, but because of that, you have helped me get through them. I know I can talk to you about anything, you have such a great ear. When I say anything, I literally mean anything. I can tell you the craziest things, and I have, and you wont judge me. We have had some pretty interesting conversations that end with us laughing and feeling like crazy people.

Heather you are such an amazing person with an amazing heart. I want you to always know that. You are such a great friend, and not just to me, but to all of our friends. You listen and give whole heartedly. You always know what to say in just about any situation, or you know exactly what questions to ask. I could not have asked for a better roommate. I would not trade this experience for anything. No matter where we go from here, you will always be my Roomie. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.

Love always, your Roomie,


We got these fabulous shirts from Shabby Apple, which we found on Instagram. In their post they said they wanted to celebrate the strength in all women so they created the #GIRLSTRONG, and for every post sharing who inspires you to be strong with the #GIRLSTRONG, they will be donating 10 cents to the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.


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Tragic events

Caution- Bitchy When Hungry

How a hungry and frustrating drive goes for my Roomie and I. This pretty much sums up Saturday. 

 Me: What the hell, why is there traffic?

Roomie: Because idiots don’t know how to drive. 

Me: Ugh I hate Idiots. 

Roomie: They are the worst. 

Me: Oh my gosh look at that sign! The onramp for the 15 south is closed!

Roomie: No wonder there is traffic.

Me: Well what do we do now?

Roomie: I’ll check my phone for another way… Okay get off on the next exit and turn left.

Me: Okay… Oh my gosh why is this person driving so slow? GET OUT OF THE WAY! Okay now where?

Roomie: Left on Ontario.

Me: Okay cool.

Roomie: What’s this idiot doing?! 

Me: What a douche! 

Roomie: Seriously what is today?



Me: Why did he even think he could make that? People are so duuuuumb!

Roomie: Stupid.

Me: We are literally going to catch every red light. The party starts in 15 minutes. 

Roomie: There better be alcohol. 

Me: We need mimosas. MOVE!

Roomie: Oh look, another light. 

Me: Of course. I mean why would we get there on time? We’d rather drive around with all of these ass holes… “Details of your incompetence do not interest me.”

Roomie: “So I said to myself go ahead, take a chance, hire the smart, fat girl.”

Me: We need to watch that movie soon.

Roomie: Yeah we do.

Me: Seriously we are so close to the freeway! Why can’t we get there?!

Roomie: Because of this stupid ass Explorer in front of us. 

Me: I can’t even get around him! We are never going to make it!

Roomie: I just want that drink. 

Me: At least we look good. 

Roomie: Hell yeah we do!

Me: As long as we are the best dressed there then it’s all good. 

Roomie: We will be, we always are. 

Me: And we better win the hat competition because we don’t lose. 

Roomie: Oh we will, just look at our hats!

Me: True, very “hand me a mimosa” looking.

Roomie: Oh my gosh the freeway!


Roomie: GOOOOOO!

Me: Oh great, now we are stuck in the intersection because this douche won’t move up.

Roomie: Eww don’t honk at us!

Me: Move along people nothing to see.

Roomie: Finally the freeway! 

Me: Woooo we are moving now! 

Roomie: Why are there red lights up there? 

Me: Ughhhh more traffic?

Roomie: Is this a sign we shouldn’t go?

Me: NO! I bought a $30 dress for this shit, we are going!

Roomie: I think you need to get off soon. 

Me: Okay then I should get out of the carpool lane. Seriously? I put my blinker on before the opening and this lady is speeding up.

Roomie: Bitch. 

Me: Like really ,I can’t get out she won’t move. Great now I missed the opening. No don’t flip her off! Get your hand over here!

Roomie: I don’t give a shit!

Me: Thank god there is another opening. We are almost there!

Roomie: How many lights will we get stuck at this time?

Me: Good going, now we are stuck at one. 

Roomie: Look at this idiot trying to be cool in his Honda.

Me: Lame. What the hell I wasn’t even trying to race you. 

Roomie: Okay turn here. 

Me: Hopefully we can just sneak in. We have to park all the way up here. 

Roomie: Let’s just get inside. 

Me: Oh look there are the girls. Hey! She was just here, where did she go?

Roomie: Hey I’m back I got us mimosas. 

Me: Awwwww.


Tragic Shorts

A Tragic Short- Near Death by Floss

My roomie and I have a dentist phobia. We both didn’t go for a shameful amount of time that I will not share. We only told each other because it was the same for both of us. Anyways we both finally went. Her visit was far more traumatizing than mine because she had to get a root canal, while I only had two beginnings of cavities. The dentist didn’t have to numb me to fill them. Since then we have both been trying to do the whole dentist routine like flossing. We started, then stopped of course. Tonight though I’d thought I’d floss because I haven’t in awhile. This was literally just five minutes ago and it was a tragic experience. I started flossing and I got to my third spot, my front two teeth. The floss went up with a struggle, but wouldn’t come back down. When I tried to pull it down my gums just started gushing blood. I started panicking. All these thoughts came rushing in my head that I was going to break my teeth or they were going to fall out! This tiny string of fibers was going to break my teeth! OH MY GOD! My roomie saw the look of panic on my face and asked if I was okay. The only way to get the floss out was to pull the whole strand through my teeth. I threw it away and didn’t even finish flossing, I was too scared. I told my roomie I was about to have her cut it out of my teeth. She told me she would do it because she is good in emergencies.

That’s love right there, a roomie that will cut floss out of your teeth when it gets stuck. Love you!

Tragic Shorts

A Tragic Short- Stalker Fail

The guy my roomie was dating broke it off with her about two months ago for idiotic reasons. Whatever, he doesn’t deserve my amazing roommate, but she was sad about it and occasionally still is. She should not waste sadness on a douche-wad like him. Anyways, recently she was stalking him, like she shouldn’t have been, on Instagram. I wasn’t home, which is probably why she did it, because I would have told her not to. As punishment for her sneakily stalking him, she dropped her phone. This wasn’t any drop though. You see, she was lying down while she was stalking him, on her back. So where would she have dropped her phone? She dropped it on her face, resulting in her liking one of his pictures, WITH HER FACE. When she told me I laughed so hard! That would happen to her. I told her that’s what she gets for stalking.
As karma goes, two weeks ago my roomies ex from almost a year ago liked one of her pictures from 42 weeks ago. He was clearly stalking. Who just scrolls down the news feed back 42 weeks? The moral of the story here, don’t stalk on your phone while lying on your back.