Tragic Shorts

A Tragic Short- Near Death by Floss

My roomie and I have a dentist phobia. We both didn’t go for a shameful amount of time that I will not share. We only told each other because it was the same for both of us. Anyways we both finally went. Her visit was far more traumatizing than mine because she had to get a root canal, while I only had two beginnings of cavities. The dentist didn’t have to numb me to fill them. Since then we have both been trying to do the whole dentist routine like flossing. We started, then stopped of course. Tonight though I’d thought I’d floss because I haven’t in awhile. This was literally just five minutes ago and it was a tragic experience. I started flossing and I got to my third spot, my front two teeth. The floss went up with a struggle, but wouldn’t come back down. When I tried to pull it down my gums just started gushing blood. I started panicking. All these thoughts came rushing in my head that I was going to break my teeth or they were going to fall out! This tiny string of fibers was going to break my teeth! OH MY GOD! My roomie saw the look of panic on my face and asked if I was okay. The only way to get the floss out was to pull the whole strand through my teeth. I threw it away and didn’t even finish flossing, I was too scared. I told my roomie I was about to have her cut it out of my teeth. She told me she would do it because she is good in emergencies.

That’s love right there, a roomie that will cut floss out of your teeth when it gets stuck. Love you!


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