Tragic events

Champagne Headache

Yesterday, May 3rd, was my boyfriend and my one year anniversary! We had a nice date planned, brunch at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in Costa Mesa, and then to see the new Avengers movie after. This plan was perfect because brunch included bottomless mimosas and bloody marys, so we would drink as many drinks as we wanted, then walk over to the theater, which was right next to the restaurant, and watch a two and a half hour movie to sober up. When we got to the Saddle Ranch, the hostess asked us where we wanted to sit. There was immediate seating inside, or about a ten minute wait for outside. It was so nice outside that I wanted to sit out there. So we waited and when we finally got seated, of course not underneath any of the umbrellas. I felt so bad, after sitting at brunch my boyfriend had a total sunburn on one of his arms… sorry! Apart from the sunburn the food was great and so were the mimosas. I had five I’m pretty sure. My boyfriend had the bloody marys which must have been good since he had like seven! What was cool is that you weren’t stuck with your same drink the whole time. You could try all of the flavors. The Bahama bubbly was my favorite, it was champagne, orange juice and mango juice. 



We originally got our movie tickets for 3:50 PM because brunch ended at 3:00 PMAt 1:00 PM we wondered why we ever thought we would make it until then since both of our heads were already swimming. I went back to the theater and asked if we could exchange our tickets for earlier ones and they let us! We now only had a little less than an hour so we paid our bill and headed to the theater early to sit in the dark and the coolness. By the time the movie started I was ready to fall asleep. Once it got going though I was okay. The movie was really good! Except that through it I could feel a headache coming on as my buzz wore off. By the end of the movie I had a full on hangover. Seriously how lame am I? Who gets a hangover before they even go to bed from being drunk? You are supposed to wake up with one, not get a hang over three hours after drinking!


We got home and took a nap and I could feel myself getting worse. I get migraines all the time, but a champagne headache I can tell you is the worst headache I have ever felt, and I have had some bad migraines. My boyfriend got up from our nap after about two and a half hours, me on the other hand never got back except to go to the bathroom. I was in bed for 13 hours and my headache still didn’t go away until about 6:00 AM! It was the worst experience. One of those “I am never drinking again” experiences. I still kind of felt bad today too. I am such a weenie. Happy anniversary babe, I’m just going to die here in bed. 

Tragic events

Caution- Bitchy When Hungry

How a hungry and frustrating drive goes for my Roomie and I. This pretty much sums up Saturday. 

 Me: What the hell, why is there traffic?

Roomie: Because idiots don’t know how to drive. 

Me: Ugh I hate Idiots. 

Roomie: They are the worst. 

Me: Oh my gosh look at that sign! The onramp for the 15 south is closed!

Roomie: No wonder there is traffic.

Me: Well what do we do now?

Roomie: I’ll check my phone for another way… Okay get off on the next exit and turn left.

Me: Okay… Oh my gosh why is this person driving so slow? GET OUT OF THE WAY! Okay now where?

Roomie: Left on Ontario.

Me: Okay cool.

Roomie: What’s this idiot doing?! 

Me: What a douche! 

Roomie: Seriously what is today?



Me: Why did he even think he could make that? People are so duuuuumb!

Roomie: Stupid.

Me: We are literally going to catch every red light. The party starts in 15 minutes. 

Roomie: There better be alcohol. 

Me: We need mimosas. MOVE!

Roomie: Oh look, another light. 

Me: Of course. I mean why would we get there on time? We’d rather drive around with all of these ass holes… “Details of your incompetence do not interest me.”

Roomie: “So I said to myself go ahead, take a chance, hire the smart, fat girl.”

Me: We need to watch that movie soon.

Roomie: Yeah we do.

Me: Seriously we are so close to the freeway! Why can’t we get there?!

Roomie: Because of this stupid ass Explorer in front of us. 

Me: I can’t even get around him! We are never going to make it!

Roomie: I just want that drink. 

Me: At least we look good. 

Roomie: Hell yeah we do!

Me: As long as we are the best dressed there then it’s all good. 

Roomie: We will be, we always are. 

Me: And we better win the hat competition because we don’t lose. 

Roomie: Oh we will, just look at our hats!

Me: True, very “hand me a mimosa” looking.

Roomie: Oh my gosh the freeway!


Roomie: GOOOOOO!

Me: Oh great, now we are stuck in the intersection because this douche won’t move up.

Roomie: Eww don’t honk at us!

Me: Move along people nothing to see.

Roomie: Finally the freeway! 

Me: Woooo we are moving now! 

Roomie: Why are there red lights up there? 

Me: Ughhhh more traffic?

Roomie: Is this a sign we shouldn’t go?

Me: NO! I bought a $30 dress for this shit, we are going!

Roomie: I think you need to get off soon. 

Me: Okay then I should get out of the carpool lane. Seriously? I put my blinker on before the opening and this lady is speeding up.

Roomie: Bitch. 

Me: Like really ,I can’t get out she won’t move. Great now I missed the opening. No don’t flip her off! Get your hand over here!

Roomie: I don’t give a shit!

Me: Thank god there is another opening. We are almost there!

Roomie: How many lights will we get stuck at this time?

Me: Good going, now we are stuck at one. 

Roomie: Look at this idiot trying to be cool in his Honda.

Me: Lame. What the hell I wasn’t even trying to race you. 

Roomie: Okay turn here. 

Me: Hopefully we can just sneak in. We have to park all the way up here. 

Roomie: Let’s just get inside. 

Me: Oh look there are the girls. Hey! She was just here, where did she go?

Roomie: Hey I’m back I got us mimosas. 

Me: Awwwww.


The Fab Five, Tragic events

Sunday Brunch

Today my four friends and I, we call ourselves the fab 5, had a Sunday Brunch. We all met up at one of their apartments at 11:45 and were all drunk within an hour resulting in us devouring an entire box of wheat thins, a tray of bear claws, a box of waffles, and eggs and bacon. The culprit of this binge eating fest I’m pretty sure was from the five of us polishing off three bottles of champagne (yet not even finishing half of the gallon of orange juice), two pitchers of this amazing concoction I made with lemonade, sprite, red moscato, and dragonberry Bacardi, and a half bottle of wine. Needless to say, we were bombed. If it wasn’t obvious by all the bottles and food out, you could sure tell when all the “I love you”s came out and we kept group hugging. Eventually we all started to fall asleep so I figured I should sober up to drive. My roomie is not in as good of shape as me. She told me, like she has many times before, to not let her drink that much next time, as she holds the side of the couch “spinning”.IMG_2493.JPG