Sunday Banquet 

My little sister called me yesterday and asked if my roomie and I would be her parents for the end of the year sorority banquet for Sigma Kappa. My roomie and I are alum so of course we said yes! It also gave us another excuse to dress up, which we always love. The dress code was “brunch attire” so we both picked something that’s dressy yet casual, and of course added heels! Loose dresses have kind of been our thing lately, but you have to know how to wear them. Not all loose dresses look good, the wrong one can look boxy, which is not flattering. The right one though, paired with the right heels and accessories, will not only look effortlessly put together, but also be really comfortable. 

These were our Sunday styles:








Tragic events

Tragic Events of the Day

1- My Roomie and I got lunch and our margaritas were so strong we were ready for the longest nap after. #grandmas

2- Running into Target for a couple things turned into almost an hour and a half.

3- We got home and decided to carry all of our bags in one trip, which resulted in me coming in the apartment with my sunglasses on because I didn’t have a hand to take them off, which then lead to me tripping over our Christmas Tree box, which was out because it was in the way of us trying to kill a spider. Luckily with grocery bags and our drinks in both hands, I didn’t fall. 

4- We found out our lease is up June 30th, not May 31st, so all our prep and plans have been pushed back a month. 

Happy Sunday!

The Fab Five, Tragic events

Sunday Brunch

Today my four friends and I, we call ourselves the fab 5, had a Sunday Brunch. We all met up at one of their apartments at 11:45 and were all drunk within an hour resulting in us devouring an entire box of wheat thins, a tray of bear claws, a box of waffles, and eggs and bacon. The culprit of this binge eating fest I’m pretty sure was from the five of us polishing off three bottles of champagne (yet not even finishing half of the gallon of orange juice), two pitchers of this amazing concoction I made with lemonade, sprite, red moscato, and dragonberry Bacardi, and a half bottle of wine. Needless to say, we were bombed. If it wasn’t obvious by all the bottles and food out, you could sure tell when all the “I love you”s came out and we kept group hugging. Eventually we all started to fall asleep so I figured I should sober up to drive. My roomie is not in as good of shape as me. She told me, like she has many times before, to not let her drink that much next time, as she holds the side of the couch “spinning”.IMG_2493.JPG