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OMG more spiders!

Heather and I were just sitting on our couch trying to watch the movie Tangled with my sister Nicole and my niece Dakota, when I looked up and I saw this!

Why is it so big?
Me: “Nicole, you’re a mom, you kill it!”
Nicole: “What? No it’s you’re apartment!”
Heather: “We have bleach spray!”
Me: “Yeah okay go get it!”
Heather went to the kitchen and got all purpose cleaner with bleach.
Heather: “Okay I’ll spray and you hit it”
Me: “Okay let’s do it!”

This is how it went:

Well the good news is we killed the spider! But made my niece cry. Spiders beware! We will poison and kill you! This same day we went to the store and bought bug spray and will be spraying every entry and window to our apartment. Tragic Girl Headquarters is no place for a spider.

XO- Tragic Girls



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