A Tragic Short- Wine & Relationships

My roomie and I were cleaning out our fridge tonight and we had a lot to throw away. Now our fridge matches our wallets…EMPTY! Anyways I was pulling the stuff out and she was holding the trash bag. 

Me: Is this trash?

Roomie: Yep. 

Me: What’s the date on this? Ugh bad. Um, what’s that?

Roomie: I don’t even know just toss it. 

Me: How about this wine? Wine goes bad. 

Roomie: Yep, just like relationships. 

I sat there laughing on the floor because she said it in such a matter of fact voice. I get some of the best lines from her!

So remember, wine goes bad, just like relationships. 

If that’s not positive thinking then I don’t know what is. 

Tragic Shopping

My friend introduced me to a site called 6pm.com and it is currently getting me into trouble. This site has the best deals on designer shoes and tons of other items. I said I am in trouble because I have already bought two pairs of heels. How could I resist though when they have tons of shoes by one of my main men Steve Madden?


I am absolutely in love with these two pairs. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet but I have the perfect outfits in mind. Don’t worry, I’ll post them when they are debuted. The even more amazing part about these heels is the price. The black were only $44.99 while the tan were $35.99. What steals!



I am especially excited about these black ones. They are the perfect heel to dress casually or more dressed up. The heel is only 4 inches which is perfect for me since I am so tall.



As for the tan, I have been wanting ones like this since I have seen them on Pinterest paired with skinny jeans. I am so excited!

Check out 6pm.com! Happy shoe shopping!

The Power of Lipstick

Lipstick has been a a big love of mine. I have collected quite a few, my weakness, Mac. When I say quite a few, I mean…

lipstick 1

That pile is even missing a few. I fell out of wearing it for awhile because of where I was working, we were only allowed to wear “natural” makeup. Now I’m getting back into them full swing! I don’t know about how other girls feel when they put on lipstick, but for me, I feel different. It is like my lipsticks have powers. I get a new sense of confidence when I am wearing a bright one. It’s an attention grabber. It really is true that when you look good, you feel good. Today I wore my favorite new bright pink Viva Glam Miley by Miley Cyrus.

lipstick 3

If I were to ever have my own lipstick line, I would want them to have inspirational names for women like “You Go Girl”, “This Is Your Day”, and “You Got This”. They would give a little more confidence when you wear them and every time you reapply.

lipstick 2

Here is to having confidence and pretty lips!

lipstick 4

Tragic Events of the Day

1- My Roomie and I got lunch and our margaritas were so strong we were ready for the longest nap after. #grandmas

2- Running into Target for a couple things turned into almost an hour and a half.

3- We got home and decided to carry all of our bags in one trip, which resulted in me coming in the apartment with my sunglasses on because I didn’t have a hand to take them off, which then lead to me tripping over our Christmas Tree box, which was out because it was in the way of us trying to kill a spider. Luckily with grocery bags and our drinks in both hands, I didn’t fall. 

4- We found out our lease is up June 30th, not May 31st, so all our prep and plans have been pushed back a month. 

Happy Sunday!

6 Weeks and Leaks 

As I was talking about in my last post The Home Stretch, we are down to our last month and a half in our apartment. Six weeks left and what do we have? A leak! I was about to leave for work when I saw a puddle of something yellow in the corner of the kitchen by the pantry. It looked like an animal peed, gross! I had a quick thought that the stray cat the leasing office found, that I wanted to follow me home just for a second, actually did and peed in my kitchen. But then I realized how crazy that seemed and went back to logical thinking that it was a leak or something in the pantry spilled. Either way, I was running late to work so I threw napkins on top and left. 

When I got home it was clearly a leak because the napkins were not dry. I called the leasing office and they were sending over Carlos. I felt bad. The office closes at six which I’m pretty sure is when Carlos was off. The poor guy didn’t leave my apartment until almost nine. He did a temporary fix then waited for the plumber who later decided he was coming the next morning. Did I mention his temporary fix included this giant hole in my shower?


When I take a shower I feel like giant bugs are going to come out! We also got this giant fan in our kitchen to dry the wall, which was not quiet. Great decoration for the kitchen, our food needed some fresh air. 


Tragic when we move in, and tragic when we are close to moving out. What can I say, we really are Tragic Girls. 

The Home Stretch

It’s crazy to think that it’s already April and that my roomie and I moved in almost a year ago. By this time last year we had already gone through all of the searching for an apartment tragicness and had our hearts set on ours. It really was tragic looking for an apartment. No one told me it could be so hard. Some places we pulled up to, then drove right away. It took us I think four different very long days of searching. But now it’s April and we have to be out of our apartment on May 31st. It’s insane to think about how fast time goes by. The end will be bittersweet. I will be so sad to leave her, but we will be starting new adventures. I’m excited for this next chapter of my life. I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend by the beach! How awesome that I’ll be living a half a mile from the beach! Aside from the excitement of the beach, it is also a huge step for my boyfriend and I. 

Although the Tragic Girl Headquarters will no longer be together, it’s not over. I have plenty of more tragic events to come. As for headquarters, it’s moving to the beach so at least I’ll be a tan Tragic Girl! This next month and a half will be crazy, sad, and fun, and most likely fast. There are even a couple anniversaries coming up in May, mine and the boyfriend’s big one year, AND Tragic Girls’ one year anniversary! So A LOT of fun stuff coming up so be sure to be following and stay tuned! 

Trying To Work Out

Why does wanting to be in shape have to take so much discipline? How nice would it be to just be like “yeah I’m going to start working out now,” and that’s it? No instead you have to actually make yourself work out and not give in to the many excuses we come up with, like the biggest one… I’ll do it tomorrow. This has been me. I keep saying it’s not even close to summer yet. Now look, it’s April, summer is around the corner and I am still not bikini ready. I had myself convinced to run today after work but then it rained, oops. 

I will procrastinate no more! I will not be fat this summer! I started this whole eat healthy thing again for like the millionth time but I’m liking it. I made a pretty delicious salad if I do say so myself. But you just wait, because I’m getting myself a hot bod. 

In the inspiring words from Laura Penny, “you’re fat as shit, you jiggle when you walk, we’re going on a diet.”

Thank you Laura. You really know how to motivate. Watch her video for you own motivation: Wait What: Keeping Your Diet