Tragic events

6 Weeks and Leaks 

As I was talking about in my last post The Home Stretch, we are down to our last month and a half in our apartment. Six weeks left and what do we have? A leak! I was about to leave for work when I saw a puddle of something yellow in the corner of the kitchen by the pantry. It looked like an animal peed, gross! I had a quick thought that the stray cat the leasing office found, that I wanted to follow me home just for a second, actually did and peed in my kitchen. But then I realized how crazy that seemed and went back to logical thinking that it was a leak or something in the pantry spilled. Either way, I was running late to work so I threw napkins on top and left. 

When I got home it was clearly a leak because the napkins were not dry. I called the leasing office and they were sending over Carlos. I felt bad. The office closes at six which I’m pretty sure is when Carlos was off. The poor guy didn’t leave my apartment until almost nine. He did a temporary fix then waited for the plumber who later decided he was coming the next morning. Did I mention his temporary fix included this giant hole in my shower?


When I take a shower I feel like giant bugs are going to come out! We also got this giant fan in our kitchen to dry the wall, which was not quiet. Great decoration for the kitchen, our food needed some fresh air. 


Tragic when we move in, and tragic when we are close to moving out. What can I say, we really are Tragic Girls. 


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