Tragic Shopping

My friend introduced me to a site called and it is currently getting me into trouble. This site has the best deals on designer shoes and tons of other items. I said I am in trouble because I have already bought two pairs of heels. How could I resist though when they have tons of shoes by one of my main men Steve Madden?


I am absolutely in love with these two pairs. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet but I have the perfect outfits in mind. Don’t worry, I’ll post them when they are debuted. The even more amazing part about these heels is the price. The black were only $44.99 while the tan were $35.99. What steals!



I am especially excited about these black ones. They are the perfect heel to dress casually or more dressed up. The heel is only 4 inches which is perfect for me since I am so tall.



As for the tan, I have been wanting ones like this since I have seen them on Pinterest paired with skinny jeans. I am so excited!

Check out! Happy shoe shopping!


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