Tragic events

Trying To Work Out

Why does wanting to be in shape have to take so much discipline? How nice would it be to just be like “yeah I’m going to start working out now,” and that’s it? No instead you have to actually make yourself work out and not give in to the many excuses we come up with, like the biggest one… I’ll do it tomorrow. This has been me. I keep saying it’s not even close to summer yet. Now look, it’s April, summer is around the corner and I am still not bikini ready. I had myself convinced to run today after work but then it rained, oops. 

I will procrastinate no more! I will not be fat this summer! I started this whole eat healthy thing again for like the millionth time but I’m liking it. I made a pretty delicious salad if I do say so myself. But you just wait, because I’m getting myself a hot bod. 

In the inspiring words from Laura Penny, “you’re fat as shit, you jiggle when you walk, we’re going on a diet.”

Thank you Laura. You really know how to motivate. Watch her video for you own motivation: Wait What: Keeping Your Diet



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