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Old Navy Dress Roundup

I have been obsessed with Old Navy’s summer dresses this year. They have been so perfect and their prints have been on point. You probably know how much I like the resort wear look so all of these palm and tropical flower prints have been my jam. I ended up with three this summer (yes I know not that many but I had to limit myself!) and I want to wear them all the time. Luckily I got them all on sale too!

First one I got was this black floral print dress with a tie neck. It’s perfect with either sandals or wedges and is nice and cool for when it’s hot. It comes in a couple other colors as well but a lot of sizes are almost sold out! Linked here!

Second was this basic swing dress that is SO comfortable! There aren’t too many colors left but I want to buy another. It is so cute with some fun earrings and wedges, or even sandals or tennies! Linked here!

Lastly is this fun little salsa dress. The off the shoulder detail and the bottom ruffle are just SO FUN! I need an actual event to wear this too, I just love it so much. I feel like I’m instantly on vacation when I put it on! A couple sizes are gone in this color, but black is fully stocked. Linked here!

I can’t believe it’s August! Let’s enjoy the end of summer and welcome FALL SOON!

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Style, the.B.Law

Blogger on Vacation

It has been forever and a half since I have posted a blog and I apologize. I do not really know why. You know when you have been good about going to the gym, and you take a day off and it is okay, but when you take a few or more days off you just fall out of your groove and don’t want to go anymore? That is kind of what happened. Anyways, last week I glanced at Old Navy online and they have so many cute things (and sales)! They have a collection called Bold Botanicals and it has the cutest summer prints. I love all of the resort wear styles, it makes me want to be on vacation all the time, but instead I just wear them and pretend. I always say “I want to dress like a blogger on vacation,” when I go somewhere for a little weekend vacation. I even said that was my goal style when we went to Mexico last summer. It is funny though because I am a blogger, and I was on vacation, so why do I say I want to dress like a blogger on vacation when I AM a blogger on vacation? I need to be better about not discounting what I am just because I am not that big. I am working on growing my following but just because it is not huge yet does not make me any less of a blogger! So something for me to work on and believe in myself.

This last weekend my sisters, bfff, and I went on our Palm Springs trip and I WAS A BLOGGER ON VACATION. On Sunday for the morning and Father’s Day I wore one of the dresses from Old Navy (on sale for $15 right now!) and it was so cute! I am linking it below along with a few of my other faves.

Enjoy and happy Tuesday!

PS – If you didn’t see on my Insta story, I got braces yesterday! Currently on a liquid diet and not enjoying it but I keep being told it will get better. It better or the next 18 months will suck. More on that later!

Dress | Sunglasses | Earrings | Wedges | Purse | Lipstain


My other faves from Old Navy right now:





Spring Dress!

My bfffff and I did another month with no shopping and it ended last week. Obviously the day it ended I was dying to buy something. I had an email that Old Navy was having a Spring sale so I decided to go there after work, I always have good luck at Old Navy. Well hello sale! I went a tad overboard and got 3 tops, a dress, and a pair of boyfriend jeans, all on sale! The tops were $8 each and I do not remember how much the dress and the jeans were but they were both 40% off. I love finding great deals! So far I have only worn the boyfriend jeans which stretched out so much while I was wearing them that I had to wash them right away and put them in the dryer (hopefully that helped) and the dress, which I have worn twice…in three days, don’t judge. It is just so cute! It is blush pink, loose, flow, pleated, and the perfect length. I wore it on Easter with my taupe fringe booties and a gold statement necklace.

Then I wore it yesterday with a long open knit cardigan, a gray scarf, gray knee socks, and tan boots.

See! It is totally versatile! I already have another idea of how to wear it next time. Totally a good investment. You will see the rest of the pieces later, I still need a couple things for the outfits I am planning.

You can shop the dress here!

Well, have a great Friday tomorrow!

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Deals and Steals

Last night on Instagram Maison Jules posted a picture of this dress…  


I instantly tagged my bffffff in it because it’s obviously adorable. I looked it up on Macy’s and it was on sale for $49.99, originally $69.50. Not all that bad. While I was looking for the dress I also came across this vest and I have been on the search for this exact piece… 


This was also on sale for $49.99, originally $69.50.  I added them both to my cart because that’s just what I do, I torture myself because I knew I wasn’t going to buy them, and OF COURSE you need to spend $100 to get free shipping and what did I have in my cart, $100. BUT NO! I was good. 

Well like always when I have my eyes on something I really want or have been looking for I obsess over it (this means you really want it and you can envision all the different ways to wear it- generally to me it means it’s a good buy) I have these shopaholic instincts. Well at work while taking a quick break I look up the items again on Macy’s just to see, when a miracle happened. Some act of fate mixed with fashion destiny that these two items came together just for me! The dress was now on sale for $17.99 and the vest $37.99! WHAT?! It’s one of those Macy’s One Day Sales (that lasts for two days but whatever). I go to my Macy’s app on my phone to order them right then and there since my info is saved on my phone. The first thing I thought of was now I had to pay shipping and was hoping it wasn’t too much. I added the two to my cart and went to check out. Looking at the total I noticed I qualified for FREE SHIPPING! Apparently for the One Day Sale (again it’s actually two days so I don’t know why they just don’t call it a two day sale, it doesn’t make it less exclusive) you only need to spend $50 to qualify for free shipping and I was spending $55! Altogether with tax it was $60.46. If the stars didn’t align for this purchase then I don’t know what happened but I got both items I wanted for less than the price of one and it’s getting shipped to my place… WINNING!  

You can check out Maison Jules at Macy’s riiiiiight HERE! (It’s one of my favorites if you haven’t started to gather that)




Watch Out, My Flats Are Pointy

I have always loved flats. I wear them a lot because although I love heels and have a bunch that I never wear, I am already tall as it is and I hate being even taller around all of my friends who are shorter than me. I know I shouldn’t care, but I prefer to wear heels when the other girls are going to wear them too. Anyways, like I said I love flats, but I never thought I would love pointed flats. I remember when they first started coming out and I was iffy about them. Yes they were cute but I didn’t know if I could pull them off. Now they are my favorite and I choose a pointed flat before I would choose a rounded one.

I have been good and staying away from Target lately. You do not understand, I have been like REALLY good, AND when my roomie and I went the other day to get milk and nail polish, I went straight in that direction and avoided the clothes and shoes. My roomie even noticed and said good job. Thank you, thank you. Well it just so happens that Target is having a “Buy one, get one half off” sale on ALL SHOES. I have even stayed away for two days since I have known. Today though, I decided to go, but I went with the intention of buying new flats. All of the flats that I have I need to toss since they are old and starting to look and feel old. I have also had my eye on a pair of pointed, snake skin flats for awhile. Somehow there was a pair left in my size.

pointed flats 1

Since the sale was BOGO half off of course I had to get a second pair. I was so tempted to get the heels I have been wanting and have already bought once… but I returned them out of buyers remorse. They even had one last pair in my size! So guess what I did? I did not get them! Please be proud and hold your applause. I decided to be practical. Since I needed new flats and I can wear them for work, I decided to get a second pair of pointed flats. These ones black and camel tan. I am actually quite happy with my purchase and cannot wait to wear my new flats and see how I can style them up! I am also happy for the fact that my excuse to buy them was for work, which is totally justifiable.

pointed flats 2