Watch Out, My Flats Are Pointy

I have always loved flats. I wear them a lot because although I love heels and have a bunch that I never wear, I am already tall as it is and I hate being even taller around all of my friends who are shorter than me. I know I shouldn’t care, but I prefer to wear heels when the other girls are going to wear them too. Anyways, like I said I love flats, but I never thought I would love pointed flats. I remember when they first started coming out and I was iffy about them. Yes they were cute but I didn’t know if I could pull them off. Now they are my favorite and I choose a pointed flat before I would choose a rounded one.

I have been good and staying away from Target lately. You do not understand, I have been like REALLY good, AND when my roomie and I went the other day to get milk and nail polish, I went straight in that direction and avoided the clothes and shoes. My roomie even noticed and said good job. Thank you, thank you. Well it just so happens that Target is having a “Buy one, get one half off” sale on ALL SHOES. I have even stayed away for two days since I have known. Today though, I decided to go, but I went with the intention of buying new flats. All of the flats that I have I need to toss since they are old and starting to look and feel old. I have also had my eye on a pair of pointed, snake skin flats for awhile. Somehow there was a pair left in my size.

pointed flats 1

Since the sale was BOGO half off of course I had to get a second pair. I was so tempted to get the heels I have been wanting and have already bought once… but I returned them out of buyers remorse. They even had one last pair in my size! So guess what I did? I did not get them! Please be proud and hold your applause. I decided to be practical. Since I needed new flats and I can wear them for work, I decided to get a second pair of pointed flats. These ones black and camel tan. I am actually quite happy with my purchase and cannot wait to wear my new flats and see how I can style them up! I am also happy for the fact that my excuse to buy them was for work, which is totally justifiable.

pointed flats 2


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