Deals and Steals

Last night on Instagram Maison Jules posted a picture of this dress…  


I instantly tagged my bffffff in it because it’s obviously adorable. I looked it up on Macy’s and it was on sale for $49.99, originally $69.50. Not all that bad. While I was looking for the dress I also came across this vest and I have been on the search for this exact piece… 


This was also on sale for $49.99, originally $69.50.  I added them both to my cart because that’s just what I do, I torture myself because I knew I wasn’t going to buy them, and OF COURSE you need to spend $100 to get free shipping and what did I have in my cart, $100. BUT NO! I was good. 

Well like always when I have my eyes on something I really want or have been looking for I obsess over it (this means you really want it and you can envision all the different ways to wear it- generally to me it means it’s a good buy) I have these shopaholic instincts. Well at work while taking a quick break I look up the items again on Macy’s just to see, when a miracle happened. Some act of fate mixed with fashion destiny that these two items came together just for me! The dress was now on sale for $17.99 and the vest $37.99! WHAT?! It’s one of those Macy’s One Day Sales (that lasts for two days but whatever). I go to my Macy’s app on my phone to order them right then and there since my info is saved on my phone. The first thing I thought of was now I had to pay shipping and was hoping it wasn’t too much. I added the two to my cart and went to check out. Looking at the total I noticed I qualified for FREE SHIPPING! Apparently for the One Day Sale (again it’s actually two days so I don’t know why they just don’t call it a two day sale, it doesn’t make it less exclusive) you only need to spend $50 to qualify for free shipping and I was spending $55! Altogether with tax it was $60.46. If the stars didn’t align for this purchase then I don’t know what happened but I got both items I wanted for less than the price of one and it’s getting shipped to my place… WINNING!  

You can check out Maison Jules at Macy’s riiiiiight HERE! (It’s one of my favorites if you haven’t started to gather that)




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