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Rocksbox #2

My Rocksbox this month may have been even prettier than my last! I got two pairs of earrings and another GORGEOUS statement necklace. I am not going to lie, I was very close to wanting to buy all three items but had some self control!

First up, these perfect Ava Rose Austin Earrings in Gold and Mother of Pearl. Did I say they were perfect already? The color lets them go with SO MUCH and can be worn with a dressy or casual outfit. I wore them to dress up my slightly dressed down work outfit. What is also great about them is they are not too heavy. I love statement earrings or dangly ones in general but I usually cant wear them all day because my ears start hurting. It is funny, I used to never think I would like earrings like these, who knew?!


Second! These fun Aster Linnea Earrings in mixed Metal. I feel like I had fireworks hanging from my ears! These are really an eye catcher, I got a lot of compliments on them. In my option they are a bit more edgy, which I try to do sometimes… but doesn’t always work out for me. I’ve said before, my coworkers are always ALL in black and I’m over there in our meeting in like bright pink LOL! These earrings are a little heavier than the first but still weren’t bad.


Lastly, the beautiful necklace! Again it is by Perry Street, like the last one that I ended up buying, and the other one I got on clearance from Rocksbox (for $19!) that I haven’t showed you yet… Clearly Perry Street is my favorite. This one is called the Vega Statement Necklace. All of the statement necklaces are just so sparkly and I love me some bling. It makes your look that much better. This necklace had a sort of star look going on too, do I sense a theme of this box? I wore this necklace a couple times, once with a normal simple top and the second tucked under a collar. I love that kind of look for work, it is so preppy and cute.

If you still want to try out Rocksbox you still have a little time to use buy code THEBLAWXOXO to get your first month free. It is fun and lets you try stuff you normally wouldn’t!


Enjoy and thank me later, happy Friday!


Hello Fab Accessories

I am LOVING my accessories I got from Hello Fab in the mail today! They are perfect to add a splash of color to a Spring outfit. The necklace is not too loud, which is great because you can add it to most outfits even if it doesn’t quite match all the way. Its subtle shape will make it look like it blends perfectly with any top. It is amazing how much of a difference a statement necklace, even one smaller like this one, can completely change an outfit.


The earrings are also great, not only in a dressy outfit, but with a plain tee, a pair of denim shorts or pants, sandals, and a messy bun. They are such a good way to add a little something to a completely comfy outfit. It is a hidden way to look like you put more effort into your outfit than you did. Those are some of the best outfits, ones consisting effortless style.

I can’t wait to get more from Hello Fab! Be sure to check them out!


Tragic Fashion- Tomorrow’s Forecast: Rainy with a Touch of “Fur-Nim”

Now that we have started March, Spring will be here soon enough. Infact in 19 days Spring will be knocking. Therefore I am going to take advantage of these cold few days to squeeze a few more California Winter outfits in. Tomorrow’s outfit will be fur and denim, or what I call, Fur-Nim. It’s something I haven’t paired yet, but I waited so long to buy my fur vest that I have only worn once, and I am just so obsessed with my chambray top I probably wear it twice a week, of course in different ways. Tomorrows style will consist of my faded chambray button up worn as just a top, black skinnies, brown ankle booties, tan fur vest, and a statement necklace. Almost all of these items have been on the blog but separate. See them here in a whole outfit! Happy rainy day tomorrow! 

Necklace- Tragic Fashion- Basics & Statements I Booties- Tragic Fashion- Bootie-Licious


Tragic Fashion- Basics & Statements

If it’s one thing that us Tragic Girls are not tragic at, its fashion. We can both probably thank the fact that we both worked seven plus years in retail. Although I am finally out, my roomie is still in, and even though I’m out, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving fashion. It’s a little obsession of mine. Okay I lied, it’s a huge obsession. I’m a huge shopaholic, of reasonably priced clothes though because let’s face it, us Tragic Girls are poor girls. I have this issue where I hate wearing an outfit more than once. Unless it’s a good outfit, that’s not something that stands out in your memory too much, and something I didn’t take a picture in, will I wear it again. If I do wear the outfit again I try to change it up a bit. To help this issue of mine, I’ve been investing a lot in basics. Not only are they essential for your wardrobe, but they are also very versatile pieces.
My recent pieces have been the basic tees and tanks from Target. I like these because the tees are boyfriend v-necks, so they aren’t tight, and the tanks are thick strapped like a muscle tank but without the ridges. Another plus is that the most they cost are $7-$10 which isn’t bad. Anyways I have been pairing these with all sorts of things like blazers, cardigans, chambray tops, scarves, and statement necklaces. I have worn these tops so many times yet every time is different.


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