Tragic Fashion- Basics & Statements

If it’s one thing that us Tragic Girls are not tragic at, its fashion. We can both probably thank the fact that we both worked seven plus years in retail. Although I am finally out, my roomie is still in, and even though I’m out, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving fashion. It’s a little obsession of mine. Okay I lied, it’s a huge obsession. I’m a huge shopaholic, of reasonably priced clothes though because let’s face it, us Tragic Girls are poor girls. I have this issue where I hate wearing an outfit more than once. Unless it’s a good outfit, that’s not something that stands out in your memory too much, and something I didn’t take a picture in, will I wear it again. If I do wear the outfit again I try to change it up a bit. To help this issue of mine, I’ve been investing a lot in basics. Not only are they essential for your wardrobe, but they are also very versatile pieces.
My recent pieces have been the basic tees and tanks from Target. I like these because the tees are boyfriend v-necks, so they aren’t tight, and the tanks are thick strapped like a muscle tank but without the ridges. Another plus is that the most they cost are $7-$10 which isn’t bad. Anyways I have been pairing these with all sorts of things like blazers, cardigans, chambray tops, scarves, and statement necklaces. I have worn these tops so many times yet every time is different.


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