Tragic Fashion- Basics & Statements

If it’s one thing that us Tragic Girls are not tragic at, its fashion. We can both probably thank the fact that we both worked seven plus years in retail. Although I am finally out, my roomie is still in, and even though I’m out, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped loving fashion. It’s a little obsession of mine. Okay I lied, it’s a huge obsession. I’m a huge shopaholic, of reasonably priced clothes though because let’s face it, us Tragic Girls are poor girls. I have this issue where I hate wearing an outfit more than once. Unless it’s a good outfit, that’s not something that stands out in your memory too much, and something I didn’t take a picture in, will I wear it again. If I do wear the outfit again I try to change it up a bit. To help this issue of mine, I’ve been investing a lot in basics. Not only are they essential for your wardrobe, but they are also very versatile pieces.
My recent pieces have been the basic tees and tanks from Target. I like these because the tees are boyfriend v-necks, so they aren’t tight, and the tanks are thick strapped like a muscle tank but without the ridges. Another plus is that the most they cost are $7-$10 which isn’t bad. Anyways I have been pairing these with all sorts of things like blazers, cardigans, chambray tops, scarves, and statement necklaces. I have worn these tops so many times yet every time is different.


The other, almost basic, tops I’ve been really enjoying are the screen print tanks and cut off tanks that have sayings on them. Let me tell you that this is new, I have never been one for screen prints, but I have been finding new ways to wear them by treating them like my basics. They are like a basic with a little spunk that adds some fun to your outfit. Dressed up with a blazer you’re wearing what I like to call casual-dressy. It’s perfect for the office wear you don’t really have to dress up but you want to still, like mine. I have three of these tanks, again from Target, which say: “Don’t Be Basic” (which is ironic that I’m all about the basics right now), “Epic Weekend”, and “Clothes Before Bros” (which is obvious).


Statement necklaces are one of the keys to dressing up basic tops. I’ve been recently REALLY obsessed with the store Charming Charlie. It’s a seriously bad addiction, especially since it’s right by my work. Although I have bought quite a few necklaces from there, plus a few more, I have only paid full price for one! I keep finding great sales there! For example the first time I went in it was buy one get one for free for clearance. I got four necklaces for $19! The next time I went I got a few more all for $9 and under because they were red tagged. As you can see, my statement collection quickly grew, but I have been making a point to try and fit them into my outfits everyday. They make such a difference and I feel fancy and fabulous in them. I have this thing that I feel like I have to dress up for everything. It’s my worst fear to go somewhere and be underdressed, so I think it’s always best to be overdressed. I also think I’m always in a secret competition of who is the best dressed everywhere I go. Statement necklaces help me to accomplish this. Especially with a basic top, the pair gives you the causal-dressy look without looking like you tried too hard, or that you’re just naturally always fabulous.


Try out these styles of basics and statements for yourself and see how many ways you can make great outfits with just a few items!

*Tanks are from Target, chambray top and striped tee are from Forever 21, and the statement necklaces are from Charming Charlie.


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