Tragic Fashion- Bootie-Licious

I went into Target, my usual after work activity, in search of moon pies. Yes, moon pies. Tomorrow we are having a Redneck Pot-Luck at work and I was assigned moon pies. Anyways, upon walking into Target, I took up my usual route starting with the $1 section, then to the forbidden clothes. I know I should never walk through here yet I do 99% of the time. I picked up three different items, instantly thought of an outfit I can make out of it and the places I could wear it too, then put it down. You see, I am very good at this. Not putting the clothes back down, that’s just plain hard, no I’m good at visualizing an exact outfit, thus convincing myself to buy an article of clothing. It’s a pretty good talent I’d say because the outfit almost always comes out how I envisioned it. Again, thanks to my seven years in retail. This is why when my best friend wants a reason to buy something when she doesn’t really have one, she asks me. Well after creating several outfits and successfully putting them back, I walked to the shoe section. I don’t know why I do this to myself. This time, the shoes won the battle though. But really, how can you argue when you find shoes you have been looking for, and they are $8 off? It’s just not fair. So yes, I found my size laying on the floor (the last ones in my size! See, meant to be), tried them on, and was sold. I am FINALLY a proud owner of ankle booties with a small heel. I really have been looking for a cute pair that’s not that expensive, and now I have!

The great thing about ankle booties is that they can really be worn all year long. They are not as warm as regular boots so you can wear them in the summer, and they even look good with shorts or some dresses. These will add a little dress
up to a casual outfit, again with that dressed up without trying too hard/ naturally always fabulous look. Get your booty into some booties!

-Oh, I case you were wondering, Target doesn’t have moon pies. Even more shocking, neither does Walmart! Instead I got oatmeal cream pies and we will all use our imaginations that they are moon pies-

Booties on sale right here from Target!


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