I know I always say that Fall is my favorite season but Spring is my second favorite and there are SO MANY cute new clothes coming out! In my last post Spring Dress! I talked about a few things that I had found at the Old Navy Spring Sale (seriously go check it out). Well today I found a top to go with the shorts that I got last week. These cuffed linen shorts in “BLUSHIN UP” are totally cute and were on sale for $15! Not only are they super casual, but you can dress them up with wedges and still feel like you are in PJ shorts! I mean what is better than wearing lounge wear all day?! The tank I just happened to pass by and thought it was cute. It was also $15 normal price. I love dressing up graphic tees/tanks with statement necklaces to get a dressy casual look in that way that says “I always dress cute even when I am not trying” kind of way (life goal). Check it out:

Shop this Spring look here!

Cuffed Linen Shorts in BLUSHIN UP – Old Navy / “Wild” Graphic High-Neck Tank – Old Navy / Brown Chunky Heels (similar) – Target / The bronze necklace was on sale and is no longer at Charming Charlie so I have linked one of my personal favorites because I have found that it goes with almost anything! Layered Teardrops Necklace

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Tourist Shorts

So I went on a mission to buy these shorts. I saw them on display in Old Navy and thought I needed to have them. Thinking about them more when I got home I looked them up online. Holy what?! They are on sale for $10 online! Of course I had to buy them, and a couple other things to get free shipping. Oh and what’s that? A promo code for 20% off? Yes I will now take the shorts for $8- WINNING! Anyways they finally came in and I debuted them today! Kind of felt like a tourist… a lot, but what the heck, here they are!


Boyfriend Shorts!

I totally forgot to share the details of my boyfriend shorts I just bought. I have been looking for a good pair for awhile. I was just going to give in and have my roomie buy me some from her work (Hollister), when I saw an Old Navy commercial. I usually forget all about Old Navy. There is one in the shopping center by my work so I decided to check it out. As soon as I walked in it was like bam! There they were, front table, and only $17! What luck! They didn’t have my size, but they had the next size up. I tried them on anyways and decided they looked okay even looser than they were supposed to fit (also I was being impatient and wanted them now). So I bought them and I love them! Next thing, new boyfriend jeans from Old Navy! 


A Tragic Short- Hubba Hubcap

My sister and I were driving home from somewhere, I don’t remember from where, but she was behind me. After I passed the street where she would be turning she called me. When I answered she told me that my hub cap just rolled off. Are you serious?! This had already happened before and I had to drive around all ghetto with one hubcap for awhile. Anyways, she told me she would pick it up for me because I had just gotten on the freeway. What a nice sister.

The next week, after driving around ghetto yet again, I went over to my sister’s to visit and to get my hubcap. We were watching a movie and her boyfriend went to go put my hubcap back on. After a few minutes he calls us from down at my car and says that it’s not the right hubcap. My sister said what do you mean it isn’t the right hubcap? I asked her if she picked up the one that she saw fall off? She told me yes she did… after she went to Target. She said that it had to be the right one, it even had a Toyota emblem on it. I turned and looked at her. My hubcaps didn’t have a Toyota emblem on them. She looked confused and said but you have a Toyota. I told her yes I do but my hubcap fell off before and I got all new ones that didn’t say Toyota. I could tell she was trying to hold in her laugh. All of a sudden we started busting up laughing. That is true sister love when she picks up someone else’s hubcap off the side of the street for you.

I have now graduated to a new car with rims. Problem solved.