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A Tragic Short- Hubba Hubcap

My sister and I were driving home from somewhere, I don’t remember from where, but she was behind me. After I passed the street where she would be turning she called me. When I answered she told me that my hub cap just rolled off. Are you serious?! This had already happened before and I had to drive around all ghetto with one hubcap for awhile. Anyways, she told me she would pick it up for me because I had just gotten on the freeway. What a nice sister.

The next week, after driving around ghetto yet again, I went over to my sister’s to visit and to get my hubcap. We were watching a movie and her boyfriend went to go put my hubcap back on. After a few minutes he calls us from down at my car and says that it’s not the right hubcap. My sister said what do you mean it isn’t the right hubcap? I asked her if she picked up the one that she saw fall off? She told me yes she did… after she went to Target. She said that it had to be the right one, it even had a Toyota emblem on it. I turned and looked at her. My hubcaps didn’t have a Toyota emblem on them. She looked confused and said but you have a Toyota. I told her yes I do but my hubcap fell off before and I got all new ones that didn’t say Toyota. I could tell she was trying to hold in her laugh. All of a sudden we started busting up laughing. That is true sister love when she picks up someone else’s hubcap off the side of the street for you.

I have now graduated to a new car with rims. Problem solved.


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