PLL Addiction

I have been re-watching every episode of Pretty Little Liars in anticipation of the what is supposed to be the actual reveal of A. We have been waiting for this reveal for five and a half seasons! I know a lot of people are mad that it has taken so long for the reveal but I am not. I think that it is amazing that we still cannot figure out who A is. This has been such a great mystery. It will be exciting to figure out who it is, but also sad because that means that the show will eventually be coming to a close. Anyways, like I said I have been re-watching all of the episodes to refresh my memory and see if I can figure out any clues I may have missed. I have been watching PLL like a mad woman! It has been such an obsession. Watching all of the past episodes just causes me to make up more theories. I can’t be a crazy woman on my own though so of course I challenged my bffff to watch all of them too before the reveal on August 11th, especially since she hasn’t seen them all anyways. Now we are just crazies together, per usual. But I have to go now, it has been like two hours since I last watched an episode and I may be having a withdrawal.

Okay bye.






Boyfriend Shorts!

I totally forgot to share the details of my boyfriend shorts I just bought. I have been looking for a good pair for awhile. I was just going to give in and have my roomie buy me some from her work (Hollister), when I saw an Old Navy commercial. I usually forget all about Old Navy. There is one in the shopping center by my work so I decided to check it out. As soon as I walked in it was like bam! There they were, front table, and only $17! What luck! They didn’t have my size, but they had the next size up. I tried them on anyways and decided they looked okay even looser than they were supposed to fit (also I was being impatient and wanted them now). So I bought them and I love them! Next thing, new boyfriend jeans from Old Navy! 


Whaleish Motivation

Does anyone know where I can find motivation to work out? Is there like a certain store for that? Why is it so hard for us to get off our rears and go work out? I sit at my desk all day long on my computer and just feel how much of my fat rolls over the top of my pants. Forget muffin tops, it’s all about the pie crust all the way around. I feel depressed about my pie crust everyday. I don’t even like pie that much! Why can’t I get motivated then? I’ll have spurts. I’ll do really good for a week or two, and then life gets in the way. I think life wants you to be fat because when you’re not trying to workout you have nothing to do, but when you want to get fit, life is like “Hey! Want to hang out?”  And of course you’re like “SURE!”

I am pretty sure there are plenty of others, like myself, who find every excuse to not workout. Excuses like if I work out then I have to wash my hair and I don’t want to do that, or I can’t work out Pretty Little Liars is on tonight at 8 PM and I get home at 6 PM so there just isn’t enough time, or I could work out, or I could eat this loaf of bread and eat this ice cream. Do any of you ladies know these excuses? Anyone? No? Just me? Well it stops now!

I can’t complain about my pie crust fat roll if all I am going to do is complain about it. I know I usually start getting my motivation when I actually start getting some results, it is just getting to that point. I will do it though! Keep me accountable please! It is time for healthy eating and exercise DAILY! I have a little head start since I now don’t eat bread (for the most part). I recently did an experiment I found out that gluten apparently is the cause of my migraines. My experiment is now on its third week, but that long without a migraine is like a miracle. (Side note: having a headache was usually my biggest excuse to not work out so that got rid of that). So no bread (unless it is gluten free, which costs a fortune so like I said, no bread), more fruits and veggies, NO SODA, and exercise EVERY DAY! I am going to end this blog right now and do squats.

Please enjoy the following motivation:

Back Fat Betty


The Tragic Under The Outfit 

Earlier I posted Fourth of July to show you the details of my cute red, white, and blue outfit. I planned this outfit a month ago so I was pretty excited. I felt like I had just successfully completed a mission at the end of the night. As I strutted back to our apartment with my boyfriend, bffff, and little sister, I was feeling like a winner.  As we walked under a tree that hungover the sidewalk a bird pooped on me! Here I am feeling like a champ, all put together in my cute outfit, and this bird decided to bring me back to reality and remind me that I’m tragic. The bird only pooped on my purse, but still. Out of ALL of the people walking on the sidewalk, the bird picked me. Again I say… tragic. 

Fourth of July

I was so excited that yesterday was finally the Fourth of July, not just for the fact that it was Independence Day, but I have been anticipating my outfit for a month now. I saw this t-shirt dress at Target right after I was done doing my month of no shopping. My excuse to buy it was so that I could wear it yesterday, even though I bought it a month ahead. I told you before, I can make an excuse to buy ANYTHING. The dress was also 20% off so it was meant to be. I like that it’s not quite red, it’s actually coral. Of course now that I got a “red” and white dress, I needed a blue necklace, because the one that I already have just didn’t quite work. So I went to my go to accessory store Charming Charlie! They were having their semiannual sale and clearance was buy one get one free. I found the perfect blue necklace in the clearance section. Lastly I already had the best pair of sandals to tie the whole outfit together, the Steve Madden’s I got on sale at the Cabazon Outlets. Who said a cute outfit has to be expensive?! I didn’t pay full price for any of these pieces. Check it out:

I did a patriotic lead up to the Fourth:



I hope you got to enjoy fireworks with great people! 


Tragic Closet

So after moving all of my stuff officially into my boyfriend’s apartment, and after getting rid of so many clothes, I still do not have enough room in my half of the closet. Yes I said it, MY HALF. I have to SHARE! Which I thought would be fine since his closet is literally the entire wall. It is a big closet, my half is even bigger than what I had at my apartment. For some reason though, my clothes are not fitting. The some reason as in not being because I have too many clothes, for some other reason that I don’t know. This could be because I have pretty much ALL of my laundry done, which is rare. This is the reason I never have ALL of my laundry done, because I do not have a big enough closet to hold ALL of my clothes! There wasn’t any room for me to take my dresser with me so I figured something else out instead. In the bathroom behind the door to the part that just has the sink, is the linen closet. My boyfriend has lived here for a year and has never put anything in it, probably because it is usually hidden behind the door. I took full advantage of this and made it my “dresser”. All of my clothes that can be folded like jeans, shorts, t-shirts, workout clothes, etc., are now folded inside the linen closet. Along with four baskets for undies, socks, bras, and bathing suits. I’m just being resourceful here and trying to not give my boyfriend a heart attach from all the clothes I have. What’s next, sweaters in my oven like Carrie Bradshaw?! Tragic.