PLL Addiction

I have been re-watching every episode of Pretty Little Liars in anticipation of the what is supposed to be the actual reveal of A. We have been waiting for this reveal for five and a half seasons! I know a lot of people are mad that it has taken so long for the reveal but I am not. I think that it is amazing that we still cannot figure out who A is. This has been such a great mystery. It will be exciting to figure out who it is, but also sad because that means that the show will eventually be coming to a close. Anyways, like I said I have been re-watching all of the episodes to refresh my memory and see if I can figure out any clues I may have missed. I have been watching PLL like a mad woman! It has been such an obsession. Watching all of the past episodes just causes me to make up more theories. I can’t be a crazy woman on my own though so of course I challenged my bffff to watch all of them too before the reveal on August 11th, especially since she hasn’t seen them all anyways. Now we are just crazies together, per usual. But I have to go now, it has been like two hours since I last watched an episode and I may be having a withdrawal.

Okay bye.






A Tragic Short- The Jumper

I’m sitting here in my living room, minding my own business and watching the new episode of Pretty Little Liars, which we all know is a very important episode since we are one episode away form the big A reveal! Anyways, I’m trying to watch when I see another cricket behind the TV! It’s been ridiculous how many crickets we have had in our apartment.  First we thought it was just good luck but now it’s an issue. We have had so many that we labled a red solo cup the “Cricket Catcher.” My Roomie and I have gotten pretty good at catching them with our cup and a piece of mail and then throwing them outside. This one was tricky though. I went in for the catch and it jumped, I screamed, threw the cup and ran, and now I can’t find it. So I am posted on the couch, in the middle with my feet up. An hour later and still no cricket… I’m never getting off this couch.