British Friday

Fridays have turned into my boyfriend jeans day. I always seem to find a new way to style them. It is also the only day I feel is appropriate to wear ripped jeans to the office. This top that I paired with it though I LOVE. I have been waiting to wear it since I bought it almost two weeks ago from Target. I have been searching for a button up like this for a while but hadn’t been able to find one that I am in love with. You know that feeling, when it is the one you have been wanting? You just know, it is like Say Yes to the Dress, you cannot just settle for one you are so-so on. Anyways I paired this somewhat dish towel printed button up (lol) with my boyfriend jeans and added my brown oxfords to seal the deal. It is my Spencer Hastings look from Pretty Little Liars, or as my sister told me, my British man look in the best possible way. It is my “I can’t wait for fall outfit”. I took advantage of the slightly cooler weather today.Enjoy and happy FriYAY!

Wild Friday Night

I’m spending my Friday night packing, painting my nails while watching Sex and the City 1, and currently kicking some kid’s butt at Harry Potter on the Quiz Up app. Don’t bother me after 10:30 PM, I’ll be in bed already. I know, I know, I’m a wild one. If you want a challenge play me on Quiz Up… Be there or be square… Or maybe be there and be a square because only squares spend their Friday nights like I do. 


Casual Friday

Yesterday I decided to be comfy for Friday and be a little patriotic! Boyfriend jeans are probably my favorite. They are loose and comfy, yet still look cute. I paired them with a loose, red stripped tee. These together alone is a pretty causal outfit, to dress it up a little for work though I added a bronze statement necklace and a navy blazer. All together it makes a comfy, cute, and effortless outfit! 

Jeans, tee, and blazer are all from  Forever 21, while the necklace is from Charming Charlie