Oversized Blazer!

Sorry this is a late post, I have been a little under the weather, but feeling better now! Anyways, I was just talking to someone last week while wearing my oversized tan blazer, about wanting a gray or a black oversized blazer. Well over the weekend I went to G Stage with my sister and saw one on a mannequin! It was love at first sight. I tried it on and was instantly sold, and get this… it was only $17.99! I was even more sold after seeing the price tag. I can’t wait for all of the other outfits I can create with this! This one is just the beginning!

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Let’s Talk Socks – #5

This is the last style for my series Let’s Talk Socks! I have had so much fun styling these for you so I really want to thank Chrissy’s Knee High Socks for this opportunity. I cannot wait for all the other ways I can style these knee and thigh highs throughout the fall and winter. Until then, check out this last pair…

Casual Friday

These “Vegas Gold” socks are probably the most versatile pair that I got just because of the basic, neutral color. They can match with almost anything, not to mention, they are so soft and comfy! Since they are basic I chose a basic, casual style. I paired these knee highs with my brown Steve Madden combat boots and black leggings. The key to these socks was the scrunching them down towards my boots, not only because it is a cute way to wear them, but also because of the length and the height of the boots. The difference these socks make in this outfit is amazing. Without them this outfit would be okay, just normal, but add the socks and it is totally stylish. It looks like so much more effort was put in when really all you did was put on knee high socks. Anyways, for a top I chose a white and burgundy striped, loose long sleeve from Old Navy. To add just a little something extra I added a two toned blue and gold statement necklace that absolutely didn’t match, yet it worked! Weird how that happens huh? Being Friday I thought a casual Friday outfit would be perfect. Check it out…


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•Polka • Dots•

I was pretty excited to wear today’s outfit. I found another sale while I was at Macy’s to only pay my bill, and you guessed it, another Maison Jules find. There were items already on sale and then they were having their VIP sale as well, SO this completely adorable white top with navy and pink polka dots was originally $59.90, was on sale for 25% off then I got 20% off for the VIP sale and it came out to $35.94! I wanted it because not only does it go great with my navy skirt I posted about awhile go from Maison Jules, but it will also look cute with jeans and with a blazer when it starts to get cold. It is also totally work appropriate. 

Like I said I paired my top with my navy pencil-ish skirt and topped it off with a small navy statement necklace. The necklace was kind of super matchy but it worked. I wasn’t totally sure on what shoes to wear so I added a brown leather belt so that I could wear my brown leather sandal wedges from Madden Girl. This way the outfit was dressy but not super dressy. After all no one really dresses up at work except for myself and the boss lady, so when I wear something pretty nice people ask me why, I mean it is a construction company. “Why are you dressed up?” “Uh, for work?” I don’t need a reason, I just like to look nice. Remember? You look good, you feel good. Anyways check it out! And stay tuned for the other item I got on sale along with this top! (Hopefully tomorrow it will debut!)


OMG Skirts with Pockets!

While browsing Macy’s I had to walk through one of my favorite sections, Maison Jules! After looking through the section I stumbled upon a sale rack with quite a few navy skirts by Maison Jules on it. Usually when a bunch of one item goes on sale it’s because people don’t really like it and it’s not selling well. I tried it on despite this and it was totally cute! It is the perfect length for work but still isn’t too long, and it can be dressed up or dressed down. When it actually gets cold I can’t wait to pair it with tights and a blazer! Check it out!