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Valentine’s Countdown: Day 7

Today is the day, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all are being festive and are wearing pink or red! I think that is one of the main reasons I like Valentine’s Day, pink is my favorite color and so much cute stuff comes out at this time, and hearts!

Just as I promised I got a picture in my tutu skirt outfit from my day 2 post (find it here). I am so in love with this outfit and even more so when it is on. I feel like a princess with somewhere important to go. It is just so classy and girly I can’t get enough, and again I am still all about pairing my pink velvet heels with it. What a combo!

I hope you all enjoy today and eat some chocolate, I know I am! <3<3

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Valentine’s Countdown: Day Two-tu

Hello! Today is day two in my Valentine’s Day countdown or shall I say, day Tutu because what is more perfect for Valentine’s Day than a blush tutu skirt?! If you missed day one you can catch up –> here <–. As I said in my last post, for Valentine’s Day this year I am going shopping in my own closet rather than going actually shopping. To my surprise (although I really shouldn’t be that surprised) I found PLENTY of things in my closet that I can wear this V-day, like this blush tutu skirt! I got this from Windsor almost two years ago and I have only worn it once so clearly I need to wear it again. This is definitely going to be my choice outfit next Tuesday because not only is it adorable, but I feel like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City in it.

The top is a tank I got from G-Stage for like $15 to wear to my little sister’s grad. party last May and I haven’t worn it since. I am kind of bad at that, I buy an outfit for an occasion and then I do not end up wearing it again for a long time. Lately I have only been buying things when I can think of at least two places/events I can wear it to. Anyways back to it, the heels! At first I was hesitant wearing blush with blush, not to mention slightly different shades, but once I laid the heels on the skirt I was convinced. I wouldn’t necessarily pair these blush heels with this skirt on any regular day but for Valentine’s it is perfect. It gives just the right amount of girly-ness (is that even a word?) and the gold heel is of course perfect. To top off this look I am actually thinking of a berry lip, is that weird? I think it will give the outfit a little more edge and pop, I guess we will see when I wear it on Tuesday! I will be sure to post a photo.



Similar skirt liked here from Charlotte Russe!

 —> Tulle Full Midi Skirt (mauve)


Heels – Steve Madden Carrson (pink)

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Valentine’s Countdown: Day 1

Valentine’s Day is a week away so of course I am thinking what am I going to wear?! Although I would love to buy something new, I decided to go to my closet instead of the store. Turns out I have quite a few things I can wear! V-day is on a Tuesday this year so I will need something to be festive at work, yet still office appropriate. From the selection I found in my closet, it turns out I have a thing for pastels which is totally great because I just LOVE blush in all shades. If you are looking to buy a top for Valentine’s Day I highly recommend a pastel shade of pink or purple, so a blush, lavender, or lilac. The reason for this recommendation is that these colors are much easier to wear again and mix and match than a hard pink/fuchsia, red, or purple. Those will stand out more and if you’re like me you avoid outfit repeating so these colors will end up in your closet not worn quite often.

These four tops may all be simple in terms of color, they are all solids however, they each have their own unique details. The far left has the pockets and buttons, the second has flutter sleeves, the third has ruffle sleeves, and the fourth on the far right has cold shoulder cutouts (not to mention- its sparkly!). All four can be worn to the office with various slacks, skirts, and/or blazers. All four can also be worn out afterwards. Trade out the slacks for jeans (dark blue denim or black) and add heels or boots/booties and you are set for a low key Valentine’s date. Of course you can dress them up more tucked into a skirt with heels for a nicer dinner. Whichever way, there are so many options!

Find the tops linked here in order of the picture:



Button Front Peplum Top by Mossimo (blush) – Target






Flutter-Sleeve Top by Maison Jules (blush) – Macy’s




(similar- mine from Topshop is no longer on line)

Ruffle Sleeve Top by Leith (pink smoke) – Nordstrom


(this is a similar one too, they didn’t have my cold shoulder tee but I  found a cold should sweater!)

Ruffle Cold Shoulder Sweater by Topshop (nude) – Nordstrom