Thanksgiving Style

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a great weekend, I know I did. It was small and nice with family, full of food and obviously style! I had my outfit picked out two days before Thanksgiving even came! It came to me when I was falling asleep, I’ve said before, my best ideas come when I am falling asleep…that can be very frustrating especially when you wake up the next morning and can’t remember, all you remember is that you had a great idea! Anyways, I was in Old Navy and discovered that EVERYTHING was 40% off. I had been looking for a black dress specifically to wear with boots that you’ll soon see, once I see them since I accidentally had them delivered to my parents and didn’t realize before I hit submit checkout. Well I tried on a few black dresses and the one I really liked they didn’t have my size, so while looking around for more I saw they had grey, which although very cute, wouldn’t go with my new boots as they are also grey. The grey dress was by a different black dress that I actually ended up loving and bought, which you’ll see once I get my boots and wear them together (I can’t wait!). 

When I went to bed that night it came to me! I wanted that grey dress now, to wear with my cream knee highs and cognac Madden Girl boots. It sounded perfect. I had the socks and boots, all I needed was the dress, and a long gold necklace. I went to the Old Navy by my work when I got off the next day and of course they did not have my size in the dress. So I went out of my way on the way home to go back to the Old Navy I was at the night before. Luckily they had ONE left in my size. I bought it, I didn’t even try it on, I was sure it would fit. The next day I went to Charming Charlie after work to find a necklace, I had a coupon of course, and ended up making out there! You’ll see these new necklaces throughout my upcoming posts since I am excited to wear them all. I happened to find the exact kind of necklace I was looking for. I love it when things work out this easily! 

In the end, I was very pleased with how this outfit turned out and I already want to wear it again!


My sisters even came in grey dresses! It’s becoming a tradition I think to match on Thanksgiving since my little sister and I did last year too on accident!


Dress: Old Navy

Necklace:  Charming Charlie (the website won’t pull up the correct color even though it says they have it! So this is the black but they have a bunch of colors!)

Ring: Old Navy (for some reason they don’t have their accessories like rings and necklaces online?)

Boots: Madden Girl 3 years ago

Socks: Target last year 


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