Fall Into Burgundy Pants

I am really over this heat, it is killing me. I think I get so antsy at the end of summer because it means that my favorite season is coming… FALL! Fall is the best, I love everything about it. Apart from the fall colors, the brisk morning air, and all of the festive decorations that start to go up, of course you can guess that my favorite part of my favorite season is the style. Fall fashion is the best because you can finally wear layers without passing out or sweating. Some of this year’s fall styles are already in stores. They tend to jump the gun because of back to school shopping. That is okay with me though! I bought my first fall item over the weekend at, yes you guessed it, Target! (You all know me so well). Burgundy is such a classic fall color and you can actually wear it more than you think. These ankle slacks from Target are my favorite pants for work, this new addition is actually my fourth pair now. I also snagged this basic black and white striped tee at Target too for $9. My favorite thing lately has been dressing up basic items. This way I look nice with little effort and get to stay comfy too.

Fall please come faster and sty longer!

Burgundy pants


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