Dress Obsessed

Dresses are great for multiple reasons. 1- they are just cute, 2- they are the easiest outfits ever because one piece of clothing is an entire outfit! 3- there are so many different kinds. I absolutely love dresses and already have quite a few but it is not enough. You can always use more dresses. I often convince myself that I need a new dress for every new occasion. What? I can’t have ANOTHER picture in the dress I wore to the last event, right?

One of my go to sites for dresses is Lily Boutique. They have so many different kinds, in so many colors, for pretty much every occasion! I even got my bridesmaid dress there for my friend’s wedding. All of these dresses, including the one for the wedding I was in are pretty reasonably priced.

This was my dress for my friend’s wedding, along with my beautiful friend!

Lily 1

(photo by Nick Mitzenmacher

Check Lily Boutique out for awesome dresses, you won’t be sorry! Click on the tag to get there fast!
       lily tag


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