St. Patrick’s Day

With today being St. Patrick’s day, of course I had to wear green. I don’t have any of the typical St. Patrick’s Day green so I stuck with olive green, which I think is much better anyways. To keep with the office vibe I paired my olive green pants, cuffed once at the bottom to make them ankle length, with a black peplum tank, a baggy open sweater that is black with pink flowers and green leaves, and lastly a pair of grey pointy flats. To add a little more flash to this outfit I put on the new peach earring that I got from Hello Fab. These helped to tie the whole outfit together and make it more fun and dressy.

PS- Don’t judge my wannabe photoshoot.

HelloFab Earrings

St. Patrick's Day 1

St. Patrick's Day 2

St. Patrick's Day 3

St. Patrick's Day 4

St. Patrick's Day 5


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