essie “all in one” update

Last week I posted about my new essie nail polishes “turquoise & caicos” and the “all in one” base and clear coat in Hint of Mint. In that post I told you I would give an update about how the “all in one” works. For those of you who didn’t read it, the “all in one” is a base coat, a clear coat, and a nail strengthener, and it works great! My nails are usually super short because I break them all the time, but I have been wanting to grow them just a tiny bit longer and keep them that way. I have only applied this “all in one” twice and I feel like my nails already feel a little stronger. I haven’t broken one yet! Well, I broke one but that was because I cut a corner in the office too tight and hit my hand on the wall, typical. Anyways, not only did the “all in one” work on making my nails stronger, it also is an amazing top coat. My mint nails did not get any chips for four days! I know that does not seem like a long time to some of you, but for not being a gel manicure, four days is pretty awesome. Usually when I paint my nails myself I have at least one chip by the end of the first day. I totally recommend this polish!

all in one


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