Stop The Crop

Sometimes I have to wonder what some people see when they look in their mirror or if they even bother to look in one at all. You should know your body type and what looks good on it since its your own body you walk around in everyday, yet some people seem confused. The biggest offender of this, besides my last rant about leggings, is the crop top. The last couple of years these have gotten very popular. But just because it’s popular does not mean that everyone has to wear them. This is an article of clothing that CANNOT be worn by everyone. Considering the amount of coverage that a crop provides means that only certain body types should wear them.

This will be brutally honest but if you need to ask if the crop top you’re trying on makes you look fat, then it’s probably because you look fat. Just the thought of you thinking you look slightly fat means that yes you do look fat and you are looking for someone to tell you that you don’t and then you can wear the crop top when you know you shouldn’t. I mean your friend told you that you don’t look fat so that means you’re not because why would she lie to you, she is you friend. The truth is that it’s hard to find a friend that will tell you the truth that you look fat when you do.
If a crop top is going to be worn it needs to be paired with high-waisted bottoms. They just don’t look good with low cut pants or shorts and your gut hanging out over them. There needs to be a stop to the crop, a stop to the cascading rolls over waist lines. This is not being mean, this is for your own good to save you from embarrassment. Remember, flat equals crop, fat equals not.


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