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Fall is Coming!

The countdown to Fall has been on and we finally have 2 days left! For those of you who don’t know, mark your calendars because the first day of Fall is this Thursday, September 22nd! Everyone should be basic this day and get a Pumpkin Spice Latte to celebrate, that’s my plan and you can bet I already have my outfit picked out too. Fall is my favorite season (clearly). Not just for the cooler weather and the layering, and warmer colors, but it just gives me this feeling. I’m sure you know what I mean, like when you walk in a store that smells like cinnamon. You feel like you should be by your Christmas tree in fuzzy socks, drinking hot chocolate with way too many marshmallows. It’s just a warm, happy feeling, I can’t wait.

The fall styles have been out and I’m starting to jump right into them like a pile of leaves. Looking at my closet I feel like majority of my clothes are Fall colors and I’ve been trying to wait to wear them, but now I can! This weekend I stopped by Macy’s (even though I shouldn’t have) because they were having their VIP sale. Of course I went to my fav. Maison Jules. The line really has the best work clothes that are trendy and not terribly expensive. The best part is there is almost always something on sale AND you can use your Macy’s coups. on this line. I found a pair of olive ankle slacks that were already on sale for 40% off making them $29.99 and they had an additional 25% off, AND THEN the cashier had another coupon she used for me which made them even cheaper! I think they came out to $20 or just below when full price they should have been $50. I love sales! I got this polkadot top as well. Not as good of a deal as the pants but still 25% off plus the cashier’s coupon. It’s just so cute I couldn’t pass it up, and it’s a good quality. Going through my closet I’m trying to get rid of my old stuff that was just cheapy, like the million chiffon button ups I have but never wear because they are too thin. I’m trying to slowly replace them with better quality pieces.

Lastly, did you see my shoes?! I am so in love and what’s better is that they are so comfortable! My bfffff and I had been talking about this style, then Friday night I went out with my other best friend for her sister’s 21st birthday and she had a pair like these but a different color. I became obsessed all night that I went and found them on Saturday afternoon. I found them at G Stage for $28.99. I’ve had them since Saturday and have already worn them with 2 outfits, soon to be 3 towards the end of the week.

 Shop the look here!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                | Roll-Tab-Sleeve Blouse – Maison Jules | Slim-Fit Ankle Pants – Maison Jules |         Open Toe Lace-Up Cage Heel Shoes – GS-Love

Happy almost Fall everyone! Stay tuned for some more Fall style!

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