Style, the.B.Law

Cube Style

Ever since I got a job with a desk I have been obsessed and determined to decorate it. My workspace is where I spend the majority of my time so I want to make it mine somehow. The way you decorate a room expresses your personal style, just like styling yourself. For the last two years I have been slowly collecting for my office from the Threshold and Nate Berkus lines at Target. I decided on a wood, pink, and gold color scheme and by some miracle even almost two years later Target still carries the same line of items. This has been great because I haven’t had to buy everything I wanted at once, I’ve been able to get a little here and there. Now at my new job I’ve moved from an office to a cubicle. It doesn’t have as much room but enough to make due. The gray of my cube though has been killing me these last three days! It is time to move in my office decor, little by little, I can’t look like I’m moving in haha! I’m just excited to bring my weenie dog tape dispenser in tomorrow, he has been greatly missed.

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