Sequin Statements

Nothing makes a statement like sequins, and I have been unusually obsessed lately (I already have my eye on a sequin jacket for my birthday). I have always wanted to wear something sparkly on New Year’s Eve but never end up getting anything and never end up going anywhere to wear it. This year I was determined! I found the perfect pair of sequin leggings from Target that were only $24.99! I wasn’t so certain of them at first but then I saw a blogger I really like post a picture on Instagram wearing similar ones. I went to Target the next day and bought them. After trying them on I was in love with them! I just love sparkles and wearing them really makes you feel bright and happy.

(My boyfriend saw them hanging up and asked me why I bought disco pants?! He just doesn’t understand!)

Anyways, I had my perfect outfit and finally had plans. We were going to my lovely friend’s, Amanda from Glitter it Gold, and her husband’s house for dinner and drinks. We had amazing burgers, champagne cocktails, and played Cards Against Humanity for like two hours. Finally when it was midnight, Amanda, our friend Stephanie, and I didn’t even realize because we were taking ridiculous videos, until the boys told us it was 12:01. It was a fun night and a perfect way to welcome the new year, with great friends… and a great outfit! Check it out below! I paired my sequin leggings with an off white long loose tank, also recently from Target, a black blazer, black wedge booties by Dolce Vita, and a statement necklace from Charming Charlie.





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