Tragic Fashion- Nothing to Wear

Me: “We have so many clothes, you’d think we’d have something for every occasion, but we don’t!”

Roomie: “Nope because it all depends on where you wore it last and what pictures you have posted in it.”


This was mine and my roomie’s conversation on our drive home tonight. We were discussing what we should wear to a bridal shower next weekend, and somehow out of both of our overflowing closets, we don’t have a thing to wear. It’s true! We couldn’t find a dress to wear, but we found a back up dress. Interesting how that works. It’s our we will wear that if we can’t find a better option dress, as in buy a new dress because don’t already have a million. I am one of the biggest offenders of this, but I just wonder, why do girls think it’s so bad to repeat an outfit? If this wasn’t an issue, getting dressed in the morning would be so much easier!


One thought on “Tragic Fashion- Nothing to Wear

  1. debbiestanley says:

    Very true. I will very rarely put a picture on facebook or Instagram of myself if it’s in an outfit I already wore. Maybe it’s related to us wanting to be different from everyone else? Or maybe it’s more materialistic and we unconsciously want to seem like we have a lot of stuff? Who knows.

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