Tragic events, Tragic Shorts

Bambi in Heels 

Now that I’m over the embarrassment of it, I can share my tragicness from the wedding I went to on Saturday. I shared my outfit I wore there earlier today in my post PINsperation. Anyways, we finally made it to this wedding, but we were not told that it was down a dirt road. At the end of this dirt road was the venue. We had to park near the end of the drive, and this drive was not paved either. We got out of the car, fixed our dresses, and started walking. We knew we looked good. This walk was like an obstacle course though. There was gravel, rocks, and dirt every where. I was walking slow and making it. I had to make it, I was looking good and feeling confident. Then our friends drove by and popped their heads out the window to say hi. I looked up to say hi and lost my concentration. Just like that I stumbled, and when I tried to recover I stumbled even harder and almost twisted my ankle and went down. All of my friends were watching, it was terrible. I looked like a baby deer! I can laugh about it now, typical me, typical tragic girl. I laugh when people tell me I’m so poised and put together, when really I stumble in heels sober.