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Jump For Joy With PLUMP FOR JOY

Okay, so hair is like my thing. It wasn’t always but it is now and has been for awhile. My mom would have never thought this could happened since my hair wouldn’t even hold a curl for an hour when I was little. In high school I discovered that I could actually curl my hair well, and it would stay for more than a day! In college I won’t the “Best Hair Award” in my sorority (I am pretty sure I have mentioned that before so clearly I am a tad proud). I always used an inch and a quarter curling iron, that was until I went to Italy the semester before I graduated and fried my curling iron in a European plug. I was completely lost. Finally, in 2013 I got my secret weapon that I still use today, a pink HerStyler straightener that curls my hair so amazingly that sometimes I can’t even believe it is a straightener.

I have a new favorite thing. Recently I have been really into big hair. The only thing I am good at is curling it, I am not so creative with other things (but I want to learn!). At Target while buying more Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo, because come on, every girl needs a good dry shampoo for those days you just can’t, I saw another Not Your Mother’s product, Plump for Joy – Thickening Hair Lifter. It says for fine, thin hair. Well I have neither so I figured it would probably REALLY work on my hair. It is almost a gel that sprays out. You spray it into your palm, rub your hands together then scrunch into your hair. I prefer to scrunch it in with my hair flipped over forward, then I flip it over when I am done and BOOM! Big hair! It is amazing and looks great! I love that I don’t get that crunchy texture with it. One last awesome thing about this product… the bottle has an open and a close tab so you can throw it in a bag and not worry about leaks! Best. Thing. Ever.

I seriously suggest trying this if you like big volume. Have some fun with it after all, the bigger the hair, the close you are to heaven right?!

I couldn’t find this one online at Target so I linked the actual Not your Mother’s site, you can also buy this at Ulta and I have even bought the dry shampoo at Vons!              Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lifter 

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Baya is for Balayage

I have never been able to keep a hair color for very long. This may be because my sister is an amazing hair dresser and not only does my hair, but all of my family and literally all of my friends’ hair. I have been a brunette, a blonde, then brunette again, then several different shades of red, to a copper red ombré, and now to the new… a balayage, or what my girls and I call it, a baya. The balayage style is getting pretty popular and I was the first one my sister had tried it on. It was such a success that now all of my friends are getting it. The difference between a balayage and an ombré is more the technique. The way it is done creates a softer look with more blended lines. 

What I love about this style is that it is helping me slowly go lighter towards the summer. It is a subtle change and she adds more blonde to it every other time I come in, so about every three months. A toner is applied each time to blend it all, but even when that starts to fade after quite a few washes the color still looks amazing. The fading toner reveals more lightened pieces which helps with the gradual process of going lighter. This way I don’t come out of the salon and it’s like whoa your hair is light! 

I have gotten so many compliments on my hair with a balayage. My hair has so much definition now that it looks amazing when it is down and curled. The curls reveal every different shade in my hair. Today was a bleach day and we went a little lighter. Perfect to welcome in Spring next week!

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