New News!

So I have some good news! I have been working on figuring out a niche for my blog. I have been so broad and general I need a focus point. I was trying to think about what style I wear the most. That can be hard because my style always changes according to my mood or where I am going. As I was trying to pick out what to wear to work the next day it dawned on me, I spend the majority of my week in the office! Our office isn’t super dressy, in fact we really don’t have to dress up at all, but I like to, it is work after all. Shortly after I decided on this new office style niche, a job opportunity came to me. One of my best friends is a recruiter for the company and she approached me with the opportunity. I interviewed, got offered, and accepted! (I will go more into the new job once I have my first day). Anyways the new office dress code is business casual. This all made me feel that writing about office style was meant to be! I am really excited to get started. Some people think that dressing up for the office can be boring and plain, but I am going to show you all that you can still express yourself while dressing for work.

Stay tuned and have a great three day weekend!

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