Tragic events

The Road to Idiocy

Driving home from work this evening had me irrationally angry. I suppose I may have brought this on myself when I agreed that I could handle a 40 mile commute each way for a year. It is what it is, some days are better than others, although the better days are rare. Today I left work excited because I left 15 minutes earlier than normal. In doing so I assumed that traffic would be a little better. I. Was. Wrong. Leaving early actually made my drive longer! Traffic was freaking terrible. If everyone knew how to merge lanes, which seems like a simple enough task, then traffic probably wouldn’t exist. In my opinion the causes of traffic can be narrowed down to two things, lookie-loos (you know the people who have to slow down to see a car that is stalled because it is so interesting) and people who cannot merge. What do both of these have in common? They are all idiots. What makes it worse is their idiocy is contagious. You can be the best driver surrounded by idiots and suddenly you’re starting to make mistakes. This happened to me today, they had me driving like them with the slamming on the breaks action so much that I was making myself car sick, yeah that is how talented I am, I can make myself car sick.

All I wanted to do was get home. Actually what I really wanted to to was get to Trader Joe’s so I could buy me some cheese because what better way to drown your traffic sorrows but in cheesy goodness? (By the way I got Manchego  and it is delicious). But instead of being able to get my cheese and be home quickly I had to be stuck in a sea of red lights yelling at the person in front of me. All I could think about was getting my cheese and how I wanted to be home and take my boots off because my feet were so hot in them (gross I know). I told you, irrationally angry. The kind of angry that only traffic can make you, the kind that even makes you mad at the radio for playing commercials, so you angrily change the station or just shut it off all together. Finally a good song came on, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. It was perfect for the moment, I changed the words as follows: “Maybe next time they’ll think before they cutmeoffagain”. After this song I felt a little better. I just have to remember that I should have no rush trying to get home since it’s going to take me forever anyways, so why stress?

Anyways, thanks guys for letting me vent. Don’t worry I ate my cheese, I am now content under a fuzzy purple blanket on the couch. Good night!


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