Tragic events

Domino of Wrongs 

You know how when something goes wrong, it causes everything after to go wrong too? This happened to me the other day. I was supposed to meet my friends for dinner, but I had to drop something off at my other friend’s first. Well of course I left work a little late. When I got in my car I realized that I forgot I needed gas. This was the wrong that started it all. I didn’t really have time to get gas, but I was pretty sure that I would make it. 

I got to my friend’s and it turned out she wasn’t home. Now I just wasted a little gas that I needed. It was okay though, I should be able to make it still. I looked up the fastest way to make it to dinner which was side streets rather than the freeway. Taking these side streets took me through the straight ghetto. To add to this, I also had to drive with no air on to save gas and it was like 95 degrees still. 

I finally get to the downtown area where we were having dinner, but my bottom line on my fuel gauge was now blinking. Blinking equals bad. In my distracted nervousness of running out of gas, mostly because my AAA card is currently expired because I haven’t been able to pay to renew it but that is a different story, I made an illegal right turn. I was wondering what that divider in the street was for. Turns out you have to be on the right side of it to turn right, oops. Now a little frazzled from my illegal right turn, I turned left from a stop sign towards the restaurant, and ran the stop sign after the turn because you literally have to turn and immediately stop again. 

I was thinking to myself get it together Britt! So I took a breath and kept driving. I saw a parking spot on the left but of course you had to be driving down the street to get it, not up. So at the stop sign I quickly assessed that you can’t successfully make a U turn without humiliating yourself, so I made a left to go around the block in hopes that the spot might still be available when I got down there. I went all the way around and saw one spot open but further up. I knew the other one was closer so I passed that one up to try and get the closer spot. I get there and it’s still available! I just thought how was it still available?! I start to pull in and realized it’s 20 minute parking. That’s why. Since I passed up the only open spot I had to go even further on the whole other side of the downtown and park in the structure, STILL with my gas light blinking. But I eventually made it to dinner. What can I say, when it rains, it pours right? Tragic. 


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