Hint of Mint

I have been on a search for the perfect mint nail polish and I have finally found it- “turquoise & caicos” by essie. This color is so cute and perfect to start bringing in the Spring colors! 

I’ve been working on keeping my nails nice at all times. I absolutely hate when I chip one, but it usually happens from me typing all day at work. I guess I type a little too hard but whatever. I wanted to find a new clear coat that actually works well. When I bought my new nail polish, at Target of course, I also found the essie “all in one” clear coat. This polish is a base coat, a top coat, and helps strengthen nails. I found what I was looking for “all in one”! This is my first day trying it so I’ll make an update if it lasts and if my nails get stronger. 

Get your spring nails ready! This week mint, next week coral!

Tip: when painting nails before bed, using a color that requires three coats and a top coat, make sure they are REALLY dry before going to bed or you’ll wake up with sheet indents… On every nail… #tragic 


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