Tragic events

Starting 2015 off right

Today my boyfriend and I helped someone in need. We were driving and on the corner of the street was a homeless man. He was holding a sign like most of them do, but his request was something I had never seen. He was not asking for money, his sign read, “Need a warm blanket”. It broke my heart. I looked at my boyfriend and we both had the same idea. He told me let’s get him a blanket. We pulled into a CVS because I knew they usually have fleece blankets. We walked in and found the blankets and they were 3 for $10! It was perfect. We grabbed three and I bought them. We drove back to the corner we saw him on and sure enough he was still there. We pulled up and stopped. He looked at us and I gave him the bag and said we got him some blankets, and my boyfriend gave him $5. The look he gave us was shock and he thanked us with such a smile it made my heart warm. He said God bless us and we told him to take care of himself. It took a lot for me to not cry as we drove away. My boyfriend turned to look one more time and the man had gotten up and was walking away from the corner. He got what he needed and tonight he will be warm. I can only hope that we gave him some HOPE. Don’t forget to spread some hope when you can. A little goes a long way.

Happy New Year!


One thought on “Starting 2015 off right

  1. Heather says:

    Mehhhhh… This brought tears to my eyes.
    Everybody can do their part to make a difference in someone else’s life! Great job doing yours girl!

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