Boys Logic, Tragic Shorts

#boyslogic- Ironing

My boyfriend lives on his own which means he knows how to take care of himself. He can clean, make sure he doesn’t starve so he cooks to an extent, and he can do his own laundry. On the topic of laundry, that action involves more that just washing and drying your clothes. Laundry also entails folding your clothes or hanging them, putting them away, or ironing them so you look presentable with no wrinkles. My boyfriend owns an iron, however does his own way of ironing…

I was at his place one Sunday and I was supposed to go home but I had such a bad headache I slept until 10pm, so I was not about to drive home. I kept telling him in between sleeping that I needed to go home because I didn’t have clothes for work the next day. He suggested one of the tops I wore over the weekend and I told him that I couldn’t because it was too wrinkled. That’s a pet peeve of mine, I HATE wearing wrinkled clothes. Anyways, he was being a good boyfriend and trying to take care of me, so the next time I woke up from my nightmare of a headache, he told me that he sprayed water on my top and laid it on the floor with his shorts on top, because his shorts were heavy and that the weight would help get the wrinkles out. It was the sweetest gesture that I couldn’t help but smile.

Just as I thought, when I put the shirt on the next morning it was more wrinkled that it was before he “ironed” it. I wore it with pride though because he did that for me. Still whenever he does laundry his t shirts are in flat piles on the floor so that they won’t be wrinkled.



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